Federal IT appeals to the kids

So many of my former sources’ kids are now in the market, I’m declaring a trend.

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DoD plans consolidation, outlines JEDI interaction with other networks

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DoD, Commerce consider requiring ‘ingredients list’ of software to protect supply chain

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Navy grapples with role of AI, other emerging tech

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Army now awarding contracts based on cross-functional team recommendations

The Army is preparing to award contracts based on the findings of the cross-functional team responsible for a better protected, more mobile tactical network…

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DoD needs to move carefully as it thunders toward cloud migration, DISA officials say

DoD needs to take into account data management and security as it migrates to cloud.

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SOCOM tries to ‘lean forward’ on OTA’s, exploring cloud, analytics

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The organization that supports SOCOM’s warfighters is more conservative than they are, and only just beginning to experiment with the newest business and technological capabilities.

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