• Computer vision and how to expand capabilities in law enforcement and national security

    Federal News Network and Dell Technologies convened a panel of federal experts to explore video data analysis in law enforcement and national security.

  • Veterans Affairs, Justice IGs teaming up to take on health care fraud

    The inspectors general for the Departments of Justice and Veterans Affairs are setting up a new VA health care fraud task force.

  • How to rationalize the hybrid cloud

    Federal News Network and Iron Bow assembled a panel of federal experts to discuss these issues and gain a sense of how the government is approaching them.

  • Marketing is everything

    IT marketing legend Regis McKenna joins host Mark Amtower on this week’s Amtower Off Center for a wide ranging discussion of his marketing philosophy and his experiences in working with clients Apple, Intel, 3Com and other companies in Silicon Valley in the 1970s and 80s. September 10, 2018

  • Keys to successful enterprise data management in government

    MarkLogic’s Dave Rost identifies a solution to siloed and disparate data sources.

  • Joe Petrillo: The state of Intel in the U.S. Army

    The Army is required to provide Intel and weather information to soldiers in the field. The military branch opted to solicit for a development contract instead of diving into commercial software to complete the task. What happened next might be surprising, and Joe Petrillo, a procurement attorney  with Petrillo and Powell, joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin to provide some context.

  • 71 percent of IT execs say cyber talent shortage causing measurable harm

    A new report aims to put to rest the question of whether a national and global shortfall of cybersecurity talent is a genuine problem.

  • Interoperability, info sharing ‘barriers’ to health IT

    Health care IT experts and members of the communication sector say 5G, the next generation of wireless, can improve the medical field for patients and providers.

  • Developing your business

    Consultants Bill Howard and Bruce Jenkins join host Mark Amtower to talk about networking and how to market your company. May 14, 2012

  • Intel acquires McAfee for $7B

    The merger allows McAfee to continue developing and selling security products and services under its own brand.