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Episode 14: How to leverage customer experience as a tool for government marketing (and gain customer loyalty)

We are talking about “The Customer Journey”.  If you strive for a customer-centric culture, you must understand your customer’s journey—every step of t...

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Welcome to Market Chat! – “Bringing Clarity to the Clutter in Government Marketing” with hot topics, best practices, exciting guests and innovative ideas.

Market Chat! is an ongoing series that provides an open and collaborative interaction between government and industry to ensure that listeners walk away empowered with greater knowledge on how to better market to their targeted federal, state and local audiences.

We are talking about “The Customer Journey”.  If you strive for a customer-centric culture, you must understand your customer’s journey—every step of the way.  There’s a physical, mental, and emotional context that shapes the customer’s experience whether you plan for it or not.

Customer Journey mapping in collaboration with research-based personas bring your customers and their journeys to life and it is a powerful way to find opportunities in your marketing quest for new and expanded customers. Learn the critical points in your customer’s journey and how you can make sure their customer experience is a positive one.

During this episode of Market Chat we will:

  • Take a deep dive into leveraging Customer Journey Maps to create innovative, differentiated marketing experiences that will distinguish your offerings/solutions in a crowded marketplace.
  • Provide you with resources to plan their entire Customer Journey program and create maps that reflect each of the customer’s touchpoints.
  • This hands-on training will provide you with the knowledge and experience you’ll need to launch successful Customer Journey mapping initiatives within your own organization.

Apply what you’ll learn from this episode of Market Chat to ensure you are bringing Customer Experience into your marketing plans.    Whether it’s a trade show, digital, email, direct mail, 1:1 meeting, phone call, chat, etc. no marketing experience happens in a vacuum and we’ll teach you how to ensure you are getting ahead by stepping back for a comprehensive view of the customer journey.

If you are just entering the government market or have been marketing your products and solutions for a while you will walk away with new knowledge on ways to increase your marketing success by hearing from our experts on the Customer Journey.

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