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New HHS request for proposals has industry up in arms

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has released a request for proposals that industry finds puzzling.

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Industry Exchange Data '24 Commvault, Kelyn Technologies, AWS

Industry Exchange Data 2024: Commvault, AWS and Kelyn experts on tuning up CX through smart data management

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CX Exchange '24 DoD Tashona Beale

CX Exchange 2024: DoD’s Tashona Beale on Washington Headquarters Services’ first-ever CX management plan

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What individual federal employees can do, to improve customer experience

It’s the oldest challenge in government and business: How to make things easier for customers. In the digital age, customer service has evolved into something…

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Experts tell Congress how AI can help agencies improve service delivery

HSGAC Chairman Gary Peters says legislation is ‘forthcoming’ in the areas of customer service and AI.

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Buzzword for 2024: AI; Biggest concern for 2024: Workforce

While the buzzword of 2024 may be artificial intelligence, or some derivative like generative AI or large language models, the biggest challenge and focus for federal IT community will continue to be the people.

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