FILE - In this Sept. 24, 2013, file photo, just cut stacks of $100 bills make their way down the line at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing Western Currency Facility in Fort Worth, Texas. Everyone knows the tech industry is big, but it can be challenging to get your head around just how big it is. At least until you look at it from a different angle and realize that Apple makes more money in a day than 2500 average U.S. households can expect to see in a year. (AP Photo/LM Otero, File)

Retirement planning enters era of renewed inflation

With the era of near-zero inflation over, retirement planning has taken on new urgency, because a fixed income and rising prices don’t make a good combination.

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Thrift savings plan TSP written on a piggy bank.

A slightly-past-mid-year review of your Thrift Savings Plan investment returns

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Economic stress calls for government agencies to engage at-risk constituents now

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Amelia Brust/Federal News NetworkGSA, General Services Administration

GSA surged resources to meet inflation-related schedule modifications, now onto longer term improvements

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(Getty Images/iStockphoto/MivPiv)Army

Service members see a 12% boost in housing allowance

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Head shot of Larry Allen

Top contracting issues in FY 2023

Allen Federal Business Partners President Larry Allen joins host Mark Amtower on this week’s Amtower Off Center for a wide ranging discussion of how inflation,…

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Patricia LakeHead shot of Jason Miller

A procurement potpourri

Federal News Network Executive Editor Jason Miller joins host Roger Waldron on this week’s Off the Shelf to discuss the evolution of eCommerce, the impact…

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Amelia Brust/Federal News NetworkHead shot of Larry Allen

Contractors nervous as Congress hints at a government shutdown

Congress is currently flirting with the possibility of a government shutdown, as well as the potential year long continuing resolution no one wants, not to mention the fact that inflation is making it harder to conduct business and getting permission to increase prices remains difficult.

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