• Pay Raises vs. COLAs—Cows vs. Horses

    Federal workers are in line for a pay raise in January. Federal retirees are not. How come? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says deflation is the reason.

  • And you’re still working because…

    It could be a long time before federal workers see another January pay raise. But for retirees, things are looking up.

  • The good old days: When a COLA was a COLA

    Why are so many long-time feds and retirees longing for the good old days? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says it was a time of double-digit cost-of-living adjustments.

  • Biggest retiree COLA in years may be in the works

    After a year without a cost-of-living adjustment, federal and Social Security retirees may experience a slight pulse in the inflation catchup pipeline, says Senior Correspondent Mike Causey.

  • Your share of the $143.5B benefits cuts

    The amount of money the White House is proposing to cut from federal workers’ take-home pay and the future inflation protection benefits for retirees closely mirrors the balance of the F, I and S funds in the Thrift Savings Plan as of Dec 31.

  • The $1M you forgot you had

    When most people focus on millionaires in government they are talking about a relatively small number of super-rich political appointees. But there is a larger group who did it by saving and investing in the Thrift Savings Plan.