Shutdown averted: Agencies use social media to inform employees, public

Federal agencies and leadership take to apps such as Facebook and Twitter to remind public and employees that they're open for business

When members of Congress were unable to come to a consensus at the end of the previous week, a majority of federal employees got an extra day off.

Late Monday afternoon, Congress and President Trump passed a continuing resolution that will fund the government until at least Feb. 8. Reopening the government, even temporarily, may give Congress more time to negotiate the fiscal budget, but it also ensures federal employees are able to go to work, and receive a timely pay check.

When the CR passed, many government agencies and employees took to social media to show their relief and remind employees and the public that the government is once again open for business.

But unlike the previous shutdown in 2013 that lasted around 16 days, the weekend shutdown didn’t leave as lasting of an impact.  Agency leadership used Twitter and Facebook to show the public just that — and also to reach out to their employees and give thanks for their service.

Museums, educational institutions, national parks and other monuments showed the most excitement.

When the government reopened, they encouraged the public and stakeholders to check in on programs they are working on, or to visit their establishments.

Not all federal employees were furloughed, however. The shutdown did not stop some excepted employees from having to clock in through the weekend or on Monday.

Those in positions that were deemed essential and necessary such as those working in the federal prison system, fire department, police force, border patrol and many others still worked even during the short government shutdown.

The government is open now and the agencies are in good spirits, at least with their online presence.

But will federal employees and agencies be in the same position in about three weeks when this CR runs out? Only time will tell — or perhaps the agencies will.

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