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Why selling software to the government is like visiting a confessional booth

Final rules have kicked-in for companies selling software to the government. They must now attest to the fact that they used secure development practices.

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Navigating the new landscape: Understanding and implementing NIST CSF 2.0

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Congress Speaker

New House Speaker. New cyber guidelines. What contractors can do to navigate it all.

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GSA to partner with vendor to bring ‘best-in-class’ facial recognition option to

The planned addition of facial recognition to comes as GSA attempts to boost the program’s “identity proofing” capabilities.

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NIST takes on major vulnerability in cyber guidelines through novel ‘patch release’

NIST is updating its seminal Special Publication 800-53, which forms the basis of federal cyber requirements, to address an urgent gap in identity and…

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The NIST cybersecurity team puts final touches on a foundational document

The cybersecurity team at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), is about to finalize a new version of a signature document: The Cybersecurity Framework. Next week it holds a workshop to get one last round of input on the new framework draft. For more, Federal Drive Host Tom Temin spoke with Kevin Stine, the Chief of NIST’s Applied Cybersecurity Division.

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