Main Reading Room of the Library of Congress in the Thomas Jefferson Building

Library of Congress completes major project to preserve early presidential papers

The Library of Congress recently digitized and made publicly available papers of presidents from George Washington to Calvin Coolidge. For how they did…

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Library of Congress enlisting volunteers to help transcribe documents

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Karyn Temple is the Register of Copyrights.

Copyright Office has a new strategic plan for protecting intellectual property

Register of Copyrights Karyn Temple joined Federal Drive with Temin to preview the Copyright Office’s new plan for protecting intellectual property.

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Library of Congress pushing digitization over next 5 years

The Library of Congress is marching resolutely into the digital age and recently released a new, five-year integration plan.

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Shutdown averted: Agencies use social media to inform employees, public

Federal agencies and leadership take to apps such as Facebook and Twitter to remind public and employees that they’re open for business

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