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Secret Service, Republican National Convention Security

Secret Service Director Cheatle likely can’t hang on

Secret Service is like a Navy ship that’s run aground. The commander may not have had his or her hand on the wheel, but that’s where responsibility rests.

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Getty Images/iStockphoto/baramee2554Retirement

Another column on retirement. This time, I’m joining you

Your faithful radio anchor and columnist has a year before his own retirement and will chronicle the practical parts of the planning.

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Congress, contractors, 2025 budget, 2025 appropriations, government, ongressional staff, Congress, minibus, funding, budget

Understatement: Congress doesn’t function properly

Survey of congressional staff shows worrisome trends in how the crucial staff feels about their jobs, their working conditions, and the behavior of Members.

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TSP, retirement

Planning on retirement? Beware of killer inflation

TSP is the one element in the TSP-FERS annuity-Social Security trio that is not fixed, or at least not tied to nominal inflation adjustments.

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