Our civilian Cloud Exchange 2024 might be over, but the smarts live on. 

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Day 1: Secure Digital Services

1:00 pm - 1:49 pm

Federal keynote: OMB's Drew Myklegard on fostering mature cloud capabilities

Moderated by Jason Miller

Drew Myklegard of OMB
1:50 pm - 2:12 pm

Industry insight: Maximus' Frank Reyes on must-know trends in cloud security

Moderated by Tom Temin

2:13 pm - 2:57 pm

Federal keynote: GSA's Ryan Palmer, CISA's Chad Poland on new tools to help agencies protect data in the cloud

Moderated by Justin Doubleday

Ryan Palmer of GSA Chad Poland of CISA
2:58 pm - 3:27 pm

Industry insight: Palo Alto Network's Eden Tesfay on ensuring security before, during and after migration

Moderated by Justin Doubleday

Eden Tesfay of Palo Alto Networks
3:28 pm - 4:15 pm

Federal keynote: GSA's Adam Grandt-Nesher, USDA's Arianne Gallagher-Welcher on future of federal digital services

Moderated by Tom Temin

Adam Grandt of GSA Arianne Gallagher-Whelcher of USDA
4:16 pm - 4:28 pm

Industry insight: Pluralsight's Drew Firment on keeping pace with cloud professional development needs

Moderated by Tom Temin

Drew Firment of Pluralsight
4:29 pm - 4:48 pm

Industry insight: ServiceNow's Jonathan Alboum on using cloud to drive better experiences

Moderated by Justin Doubleday

Jonathan Alboum of ServiceNow
4:49 pm - 5:05 pm

Industry insight: Wiz's Mitch Herckis on reimagining cloud security

Moderated by Justin Doubleday

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Drew Myklegard of OMB

Drew Myklegard

Deputy Federal Chief Information Officer


Ann Dunkin of DOE

Ann Dunkin

Chief Information Officer


Chez Sivagnanam of FDIC

Chez Sivagnanam

Chief Architect


Dave Larrimore

Chief Technology Officer


Adam Grandt of GSA

Adam Grandt-Nesher

Managing Director of Cloud Adoption and Infrastructure Optimization Center of Excellence


Arianne Gallagher-Whelcher of USDA

Arianne Gallagher-Welcher

Executive Director, Digital Service


Andrea Fletcher of CMS

Andrea Fletcher

Chief Digital Strategy Officer


Remy DeCausemaker of CMS

Remy DeCausemaker

Open Source Lead, Digital Service


Adrienne Simonson of NOAA

Adrienne Simonson

Director, NOAA Open Data Dissemination Program


Patrick Keown of NOAA

Patrick Keown

NODD Program Manager


Ryan Palmer of GSA

Ryan Palmer

Senior Technical and Strategic Advisor for FedRAMP


Chad Poland of CISA

Chad Poland

Cybersecurity Product Manager


Frank Reyes

Managing Director for Software and Infrastructure Capabilities


Drew Firment of Pluralsight

Drew Firment

Chief Cloud Strategist


Eden Tesfay of Palo Alto Networks

Eden Tesfay

Prisma Cloud Solutions Architect

Palo Alto Networks

Jon Gines of Splunk

Jon "JG" Gines

Cloud Solutions Architect


Jonathan Alboum of ServiceNow

Jonathan Alboum

Federal Chief Technology Officer


Adam Clater

Chief Architect, North America Public Sector

Red Hat

Mitch Herckis

Global Head of Government Affairs


Jason Schick of Genesys

Jason Schick

Vice President, U.S. Public Sector


Travis Rosiek

Public Sector Chief Technology Officer