DoD Cloud Exchange

The Defense Department’s journey to the cloud isn’t about the JEDI saga or any other multi-billion dollar contract. It’s not about the years of discussions the Defense community has had about hybrid or secret clouds, big data or artificial intelligence.

For DoD, the cloud is about one thing: Improving capability delivery to warfighters, and doing it more quickly and more securely.

It’s also about rethinking the way DoD delivers those capabilities today and over the next decade.

Over the course of the DoD Cloud Exchange on March 23, 24 and 25, you will hear directly from DoD and industry experts why the definition of “the cloud” has evolved over the past decade.

During the 3 day exchange with leaders from the Army, Navy, Air Force, the Defense Information Systems Agency and key industry partners, it’s clear the Defense IT enterprise is quickly progressing with the modernization and digital transformation warfighters are depending on in the air, on the land, on the sea, in space and in cyberspace.






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*Times are approximate*

  • 8 a.m. Government Session: Multiple Clouds, One Data Fabric for the Tactical Edge
  • 8:55 a.m. Government Session: DEOS Program to Revolutionize Defense Approach to Collaboration
  • 9:45 a.m. Industry Analysis: What DoD Users Can Expect When Their Work Lives Move to the Cloud
  • 10:15 a.m. Industry Analysis: DevSecOps is Driving Toward Better, More Integrated Security
  • 10:45: Government Session: Accelerating Security to Deliver Cloud Capabilities Faster
  • 11:15 a.m. Industry Analysis: A Recipe for Zero Trust Success






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  • 8 a.m. Government Session: Cloud as a Critical Enabler for DevSecOps Everywhere
  • 8:47 a.m. Government Session: MilCloud’s Continued Evolution to Meet DoD’s Mission Needs
  • 9:33 a.m. Industry Analysis: How MilCloud 2.0 Aligns to DoD’s Cloud Strategy Today, in the Future
  • 10:02 a.m. Industry Analysis: Managing the Cloud from Home Base to the Edge
  • 10:26 a.m. Government Session: Merging Data and Cloud for the Military’s Next Systems
  • 10:53 a.m. Industry Analysis: Taking Data from the Tactical Edge with a Strategic Vision Toward the Cloud






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  • 8 a.m. Government Session: Beyond Lift-and-Shift: Using Cloud to Transform Service Delivery
  • 8:46 a.m. Industry Analysis: How to Speed Application Development and Deployment in the Cloud
  • 9:10 a.m. Industry Analysis: Cloud of the Future
  • 9:36 a.m. Government Session: The Navy Pursues a Multipurpose and Multi-cloud Strategy
  • 10:03 a.m. Industry Analysis: Command of the Data is Command of the Mission

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