Date: On Demand
Duration: 1 hour
No Fee

There is a large amount of data being collected and computed in government. How are agencies managing data in a timely and secure fashion?

During this webinar, you will learn how top government technology executives from the Department of the Air Force, Small Business Administration and the Defense Intelligence Agency are addressing the challenges and opportunities around data analytics at the edge.

Featured speakers:

  • Eileen Vidrine, Chief Data Officer, Department of the Air Force
  • Sanjay Gupta, Chief Technology Officer, Small Business Administration
  • Ramesh Menon, Chief Technology Officer, Defense Intelligence Agency
  • Cameron Chehreh, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Dell Technologies Federal
  • Kaladhar Voruganti, Senior Fellow and Vice President, Office of Chief Technology Officer, Equinix
  • Dr. Melvin Greer, Chief Data Scientist, Intel
  • Moderator: Luke McCormack, Host of the Federal Executive Forum

Panelists also will share lessons learned, challenges and solutions, and a vision for the future.

Registration is complimentary. Please register using the form on this page or call (202) 895-5023.

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