After two decades of rapid cloud adoption by organizations, 2023 could be considered a turning point for cloud security. The rate of cloud migration shows no sign of slowing down—from $370 billion in 2021, with predictions to reach $830 billion in 20251 — with many cloud-native applications and architectures already having had time to mature. The dynamic nature of cloud technology—with feature updates in public cloud services, new attack methods and the widespread use of open-source code—is now driving awareness of the risks inherent to modern, cloud-native development.

The more organizations adopt cloud-native technologies, the higher the number of cloud-native applications becomes. The popularity and complexity of the technology then expands the attack surface with vulnerabilities and misconfigurations for cybercriminals to exploit.

We hope this report will serve as an indispensable resource for security professionals and decisionmakers, as well as anyone else facing the challenges of cloud security today.


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