We’ve come a long way from a souped-up vending machine connected to ARPANET in the halls of the Carnegie Mellon Computer Science Department.

The Internet of Things has become valuable to business and the government in a way that no one could have envisioned back in early 1980s. Yet, here we are some 30 years later. Software-defined everythin and minute circuitry embedded in tiny sensors let us hook just about anything to a network, gather a host of data and begin analyzing (sometimes even in stream).

But given the potential, it’s a balancing act that agencies are undertaking. In this exclusive ebook, we delve into how tech leaders are working to achieve that delicate balance where risk doesn’t outpace return. Here’s the hoping it helps your team with insights for thinking through that challenge as well.

Industry insights from:

  • Jeff Booth, Director, Sensors and Platforms Technology Center, DHS
  • Tim Mierzwa, Enterprise Strategy Lead, IT Resources Branch, NCATS
  • James Rodd, Cloud Portfolio Manager, FEMA
  • Sandy Shadchehr, Director of Buildings Technology Services, GSA’s Office of IT
  • Chris Thomas,  Technology Strategist, Dell Technologies
  • Mark Grodzinsky, Vice President and General Manager, Ruckus Networks
  • Kurt Steege, Chief Technology Officer, Thundercat Technology

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