HR Modernization Strategies in Government


Federal agencies have long sought ways to transform their human capital offices from transactional to strategic organizations.

In some ways, the pandemic has only intensified that need, as federal employees want quick, easy solutions to their HR questions, and agencies seek more time, resources and attention to devote to their toughest recruitment, retention and human capital management challenges.

Agency human capital offices today are in different stages of their IT modernization journeys. Cloud services, automation and digital tools all have the power to refocus and free up HR offices from transactional work, and then the tough, strategic human capital planning work begins.

“That doesn’t mean we should be shrinking our HR offices,” said Traci DiMartini, chief human capital officer for the General Services Administration. “Because as we move to more consultative business strategies and [we’re] providing more high-dollar, high-value services, you really need a cadre of very well-trained, high-graded people to provide it.”

If anything, the need for strategic workforce planning is greater today than ever before, especially now that agencies are reimagining the way their employees work – virtually, in person and a combination of both.

The lessons of the last year open up new opportunities to reach a more diverse pool of talent and perhaps retain retirement-eligible employees for a few years longer.

“As leaders we need to give our hiring managers and supervisors as much flexibility and tools to bring on talent as possible. One of those tools is being able to allow employees the opportunity to work remotely,” said Byron Adkins, Interior Business Center director. “I want the best candidate. I don’t care if they’re in Florida, California or Alaska. I want the best candidate who’s going to be able to provide the mission-enabling services that our organization does for our customers.”

Learning objectives:
– How digital transformation has changed over the last year
– Finding balance with cloud
– Moving to an as-a-service model

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Panel of experts

  • Neil Singh

    Acting Executive Director, Human Capital Business Solutions, Department of Homeland Security

  • Byron Adkins

    Director, Interior Business Center, Department of the Interior

  • Traci DiMartini

    Chief Human Capital Officer, General Services Administration

  • Tanisha Lewis

    HCM Performance and Business Readiness Manager, Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

  • Wayne Bobby

    Vice President, U.S. Federal Government, Workday

  • Nicole Ogrysko

    Reporter, Federal News Network

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