For Your Benefit

Financial Resolutions and How to Keep Them

Host Bob Leins, CPA®, welcomes Karen Schaeffer, CFP®.

January 2, 2023 on ForYourBenefit, our host Bob Leins, CPA®, welcomes Karen Schaeffer, CFP®.

Want to make the most of the new year?  Guest Karen Schaeffer, CFP® will talk about how to keep those New Year’s resolutions about money.  Whether it’s paying off debt, buying a house, staying ahead of inflation, or having more confidence about your investments, Karen will share the tips financial planners give their clients.

January is also a great time to make sure your TSP is allocated correctly.  We have new contribution limits and a new mutual fund window to consider.   Whether you are just getting started or actively spending down, tune in to make sure your TSP decisions align with what’s best for you.

Learn how to choose between:

  • Roth or Traditional
  • Core Funds or L Funds
  • Rebalance or Set and Forget

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