Guidehouse: Evolving Complexities

  • Landmark legislation has given government and industry grantees and contractors an unprecedented opportunity to build resilience. However, money alone won’t fix the problems. There's a crucial technology component, said Guidehouse partner Eli Goberstein.

  • The utility of combining data sources runs into laws and regulations designed to protect privacy and security, noted Guidehouse partner Brian Jones.

  • Federal agencies and contractors alike face increasing cybersecurity, fraud, sanctions and supply chain risks stimulated by geopolitical events. Experts at Guidehouse say an important strategy to mitigate risk is to simply have knowledge of the dynamics of geopolitical issues and effects they throw off.

  • Modernization requires understanding the ultimate users’ needs and the challenges constituents have dealing with systems an agency might deploy. A principal challenge to modernization, according to Guidehouse partner Arijeet Roy, stems from the cost of maintaining and operating legacy systems.

  • In the post-pandemic era, managing workforce dynamics have become critically important. Hiring managers should complement their workforce planning and employee satisfaction efforts with a data-driven approach to improve how they recruit and hire, Partners at Guidehouse, Ashley Mattison and Leigh Sheldon advised.