Mike Causey’s readers, listeners share their appreciation for his decades of service to feds

Since the death of our friend and colleague Mike Causey, we at Federal News Network have been overwhelmed — in the most positive sense of the word! — by an outpouring of love, support and memories about Mike from his listeners and readers throughout the years.

Below are the contributions we’ve received from the federal community so far. If you’d like to add your own voice, you can write a message in our comments form at this link.

Or, you can leave us a voicemail at (844) 305-1500. We plan to air a selection of these messages during a final tribute episode of Your Turn on Oct. 5.

My condolences to all the friends and family of Mike Causey. I’ve been a Fed for 21 years and valued his insight and advice. What a sad loss.Amanda B.
I grew up in fed-land counting on Mike for guidance and inspiration. Feels like I've lost a best friend. My condolences to his family - at home and at work.Tom P.
I had the pleasure of meeting Mike Causey several times in the last few years. I liked his style and approach. He was straight forward and had a deep understanding of the Federal work force as a whole and individual employees.Robert N.
I was very sad to learn of the passing of Mike Causey. As a federal employee I don't read FNN every day, but when I happen upon an article that Mike wrote, I made sure to read it and save it. As your notification stated, he wrote with the average person in mind. He was easy to understand, follow and his wit was greatly appreciated. My utmost condolences to his family.Ramona H.
Please give my condolences to Mike Causey's family and co-workers. As a federal worker since 1987, I was one of those who looked forwarded to Mike's column. I loved his wit and how easy it was to read and understand his articles. He will be missed. Regards, Lisa FronczekLisa F.
My sincere condolence for your loss.Clifford S.
So sorry to hear of Mike's passing! I truly enjoyed listening to his show, "Your Turn" on Wednesday mornings. I will greatly miss him and his indomitable wit!Lucy B.
As a retired Federal Government employee I listened to Mike Causey's shows for many years. His shows provided a wealth of information and his guests helped us decide what to consider in retirement (Tammy Flanagan) and how to manage finances in the TSP. I have continued to listen to his shows post retirement because he kept us informed of so many relevant issues. He was a good friend to Federal Government employees.Barbara H.
I was deeply moved to get the email about Mike Causey's passing. I enjoyed his articles and broadcasts over more years than I can readily number. While I never met him personally, I felt that I knew from his body of work that he was trustworthy and reliable - a good and decent man. I can only imagine the loss his coworkers at FNN must be feeling. My sincere condolences to you all. Sincerely, CherylCheryl C.
The passing of Mike is so sad! I’ve really come to enjoy my daily visit to the site to read his work. He is the ultimate journalist… working on a story to the very end. He will be missed and my condolences to all who knew and worked with him; I’m sure it’s a very difficult loss for you. RobRob A.
Mike was a cornerstone of Washington DC journalism. He will be missed.Mike G.
So sorry to hear about his passing. He will be truly missed.Karone B.
I am stunned and saddened to read of Mike Causey's passing. I always read his column first, and I've benefited greatly from his seasoned advice over the years. The face in his photo projected kindness, calm, and wisdom -- a steadying sight in turbulent times. I send my heartfelt condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues.Karen S.
Mike Causey's dedication to his vocation is legendary! His many insights and willingness to share them helped me numerous times. He will be deeply missed. My condolences to his family and friends.Gary R.
When i learned of Mike Causey’s passing i was in shock, and then i cried. When i read he passed peacefully at work, at his desk, i smiled. Although i never met him, it just seemed fitting that he was doing something he loved, and that we loved him for. I will miss his immense knowledge and advice, and funny stories. May his family find comfort in knowing how much he was cherished and beloved by those “inside the beltway”. He is irreplaceable. Signed, A bereaved readerBleue M.
To Mike's family, friends and colleagues: When I started working at the Forest Service in 2001, the HR Manager told me about a column that she read every day and recommended that I sign up for the daily e-mail. I did, and have been reading Mike's column to this day. I have shared his column with many colleagues since. Mike was such a wealth of information for anything federal. I will miss reading his column every day and I will miss his sense of humor. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.Loretta O.
To his family and FNN, I am very sorry for your loss. Learned from and enjoyed his many articles and news reports over the years. Best Wishes, Dwight.Dwight W.
It's really hard to express the impact of Mike Causey's life. He was a friend and a mentor, but that really doesn't explain the relationship Mike had with his friends and fans. He was above all a gentleman, with a wicked sense of humor and quick smile. When we traveled to an event or conference during the time that we worked together at Federal News Radio, it was inevitable that someone would walk up to him and say, "you're Mike Causey, I've been reading your column for years, can you tell me the best time to retire? " Mike knew everyone and people just loved him. He was one in a million and will be sorely missed.Jane N.
Condolences for Mike Causey. When I worked for the IRS I read his column regularly and even after retirement five years ago I still looked up his articles. He'll be sorely missed, he was a treasure.Linda W.
I am so sorry to hear about the passing of Mike Causey. I have been in the DC Metro area as a federal worker since 2006. I really enjoyed listening to him when he was on WTOP, and then reading his column in Federal News Network (and occasionally listening to his podcast). I emailed him once many years ago about a a story and was surprised to receive a thoughtful response. This year I emailed him my condolences about the loss of his son, and again was surprised to receive a response. What a wonderful person who will be missed by so many. My condolences to his family and coworkers.Cathie M.
I would to offer my prayers for the family, friends and co-workers of Mr. Causey. His podcast was very helpful and informative.Stacey G.
I am deeply saddened to hear of Mike Causey's passing. I express my sincere condolences to his family and all at FNN. I discovered FNN only a few years ago and like many, it was Mike's articles that I always looked for and read first. I have learned so much from him on investing and retirement planning, down to the best dates to retire. His humor and knowledge were evident in his writing and I listened to an enjoyable podcast or two along the way as well. He will be greatly missed and my mornings won't be the same without reading his latest news and advice.Curt D.
So, so sorry. I gasped when I read the headline. He will be sorely missed. Mike really appreciated the federal workforce and retirees and would share present and upcoming news and probabilities. Please carry on the wonderful work that he did over the decades. My condolences to his family.Cindy G.
I could not believe the headline that Mr. Causey had passed & especially at his desk. I've been reading his columns for over 10 years. I learned a lot from his writings & usually followed his sage advice. He will truly be missed. God bless his family during this time.R F.
Sorry to hear the passing of Mile Causey. I really enjoyed his weekly column which was always done with style and gentle humor.Brian H.
My condolences to Mr. Causey's family. He will be well missed. I have worked in the federal government for over 40 years, and I always looked forward to his knowledge on federal issues and words of wisdom. May he rest in heavenly peace.Marcella C.
I am very sad to learn of the passing of Mike Causey. I read his articles on your website and listened to his reports on the radio whenever I could. Federal workers have lost a great source of information and a great friend.Thomas B.
Re: The passing of Mike Causey His column and a cup of coffee would start my morning routine. He will be truly missed. My condolences to you, his work family, his family, and all of his readers. God Bless you. StefanStefan L.
Oh how Mike will be missed. I mostly admired Mike's humble approach to everyone, matter your status, rank or position. My condolences to his entire family, and my he RIP.Vera S.
I so enjoyed Mike Causey's commentary and analysis. So sad that he has passed. May he rest in peace and his family be comforted by their memories. It seems like so many of the great journalists are leaving us. He will be greatly missed by me and many others.Michele T.
I can't express my feelings hearing about Mike Causey's transition. He was a stalwart for us Feds and always gave exceptional reporting on the issues. I read his commentary every day and will miss him so much. He always gave us the truth - good or bad, and let us make the decisions on our own. Who can take his place? Blessings to his family and all that love and knew him.Nina B.
I'm very sorry to hear of Mike Causey passing away. His columns were of great help, especially when I planned my retirement. My condolences to his friends and family. Rich DellheimRich D.
My condolences - I am sorry to hear the news about Mike Causey. I enjoyed listening to him on WTOP.Ann M.
Mike Causey was informative and humorous at the same time. So sorry to hear that he passed on but he left the way he wanted to go, still active and so involved with us Feds. I will miss him terribly.Theodora W.
Mike Causey, what a friend of the Feds! I can’t imagine life without his insightful and ever so useful information on Government pay and benefits. Those of us “inside the Beltway” will dearly miss him. His passing is like losing a beloved family member.Mary G.
So very sorry to hear this news. He will be missed.Pamela A.
I am so sad to hear about the passing of Mike Causey. Though I did not know him personally, I did get to know him through his work over the years. Whenever I had reason to reach out to him, I found him just as pleasant as he appeared in writing. For those who knew him better, I am certain the loss is great. Mike, thank you for your wisdom and also for your listening ear. God Bless and God Speed.Bill G.
Mike Causey: Very sad news hit me this evening. Mike Causey is gone and joins the greats of newspaper and radio journalism. We government (I am retired now) employees could always count on the Dean of federal news, pay hikes, COLAs, and so much more to help us understand what it all meant. Mike Causey was always able to write and put on the radio the ins, outs, and gobbledygook of whatever was coming from OMB, OPM, and maybe even Congress. Mike knew more about it ALL, so far and above, any member of Congress. Thanks Mike for all you did each and every day. RIP Mike. Neal Schiff (Ret) FBI Office of Public AffairsNeal S.
I am saddened to hear the news about Mike. I send my condolences to his colleagues at the Federal News Network and to his family. On 9/15/22 I received an email from Mike asking me to share my thoughts and experience regarding government employees returning to work. From time to time, Mike reached out to me since 2020. I was always happy to help support his radio programs in some fashion; and he was always appreciative to receive my input. After reading about Mike's career I am honored to have known him, even if only via email exchanges. Thank you for the opportunity to share my sentiments. Yvonne Garcia Health Communication Specialist CDC/NCIRD Atlanta, GAYvonne G.
So sorry to hear of MIke Causey's passing. I have followed his writing for many years. He always gave me a good understanding of federal issues, both as an employee and now as a retiree. His knowledge and good humor will be greatly missed in a world which is rapidly losing both.Jeff A.
My deepest sympathies to Mike's family. I read his column every day when I was working as an Army civilian. His guests helped me plan my TSP strategy and figure out the best time for me to retire. He's left a hole FNN will have to work to fill.Pat K.
I was just starting as a recruiter for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in late 1980s, and I was given the tasks to have the IRS participate in local Job Fairs and also creating Job Fairs for IRS only. Since there was limited funding to advertise and I really didn't know where to post ; I decided as a fluke to contact Mike Causey. I had never seen or remember seeing any of his columns where he would post job announcements but I thought let me try. So I got the courage to call, and he couldn't have been any nicer. Here he was a busy man, putting out at least five columns a week, talking to me. He told me to fax him what I wanted to post, and he did it! I contacted him several times for years after that first time, and he never failed me. Because of his posting, the IRS had people lined up around a building to get an interview!!! We had to have several employees managing all the phone calls we received. When I was provided funding, I still used Mike cause his was the best resource... Thru the years, I was delighted to see his name pop up once in a while. Sorry to hear of his passing, he will be missed by many.....Elaine S.
Norman Michael Causey was a near daily visitor at our Nw dc establishment for the last decade. He was often joined by his son Michael Jr, and many times by his friend John. Occasionally joined by his lovely daughter. Mike was a pleasure to be around and a fixture in our micro community. May God bless his soul and may he have eternal happiness that matches his earthly charm.Granville S.
Condolences to Mike Causey's family, friends and colleagues.Marie S.
Sorry to hear of the passing of Mike Causey. I followed his column for most of my government career. Great insights and timely stories by Mike. He will be sorely missed. Condolences to his family. Rest in Peace, Mike.William P.
Mike was a great columnist and a great guy. I will certainly miss his writing and wit. A huge loss to the whole DMV area. Thank you Mike for all of your years of great writing and insight. You will be sorely missed.Michael R.
Deeply saddened by "our fed. gov. saint" Mike Causey dying. Am a DC native & resident til retirement. Folks read the paper for 2 columns daily, Shirley Povich until he died & Mike Causey, even sometimes in the opposite order. THEN one would read anything else. Feel most fortunate to have had Mike available constantly during my fed. career, 1972-2015. Would probably feel even worse if I was still in DC. Deep condolences to his family & friends. There will never be another like him.Barb E.
I met Mr. Causey at a Federal conference in NYC in 2004. He was approachable, friendly, and genuinely interested in stopping to chat for a few minutes. While I was an active federal employee, his columns were both easy to understand and extremely informative. He was a valuable source of information and will be missed. I know that he had assistants, but it will be a real challenge to find any person, or persons, who will be able to fill his shoes. My thoughts and prayers are with his family who can gain some comfort in knowing that their loss is being shared with thousands of others. Wonderful man, great loss.Myra M.
Thank you Mike for so many informative words, you gave me the knowledge of when, how of my retirement date + all TSP accounts be handled. Your absence will not go unnoticed! RIP Nicholas Young, GermanyNicholas Y.
So sorry for your loss of Mike. Take care of each other. His death is a traumatic event for those who were there and may cause PTSD for some. Send my condolences to his family. He was very much loved and will be missed by us his listeners.Robin J.
I wanted to express my sympathy for the loss of the great Mike Causey to both his family and friends and to FNN. I have been reading Mike's articles for YEARS and I'm not 'inside the beltway'! He will truly be missed by so many. His fun and vibrant personality was easily discernable in his articles. To pass doing what you love is quite a feat. Sending heartfelt sympathy to all who knew Mr. Causey.Christine K.
In my 22 years as a Federal Employee, I learned more about the Federal Government from Mike Causey than from my own HR departments. He was a reliable source for so many things. I wish he knew ho much the information he provided has helped me in my career. RIP Mike.Nancy M.
condolences to mike causey's family and the FNN team on your loss. tom, thank you for the obit that mike would have been proud of...i know it must be particularly painful for you. i was attracted to mike's column for all the simple reasons you mentioned. positive attitude, practical... had the fed employee's back, did not make excuses....believed in individual's agency and committment to public service. RIP Mike Causeyhoward s.
I've looked forward to reading Mike's columns for many years. I felt like I knew him, through his relaxed and witty writing. I will miss his work and send condolences to his family and friends.scott s.
Sorry to hear of the passing of Mike Causey. I always enjoyed his columns and felt he really understood the challenges of Federal workers. He was committed to service. Rest in Peace my friend.Michael A.
It was sad news about Mike Causey. He was a true professional, who we can all respect for dying in the traces. Godspeed Mike, you will be missed.Gunnar F.
We will greatly miss Mike Causey. His Federal News articles were insightful and addressed the needs of Federal employees. He often reached out to readers to gather a broad perspective on reactions to current issues.Geoff R.
I began several years ago reading Mike's comments and realize he was always on top of information he provided and what I needed to clarify various topics in Federal service and outside. The insight gain was tremendous as I work towards retirement and the information provided solidified I was on the right track. I am going to miss Mike's informational sessions. Keeping his family in Prayer. NancyNancy L.
I wish to express my condolences for the passing of Mike Causey. One of a kind and an always read. Jonathan Schor up here in New HampshireJonathan S.
I was stunned to hear of the passing of Mike Causey. Thank you, Tom, for notifying everyone so promptly. Mike, I have rarely missed consuming your column and the Your Turn interviews since very early in my federal career and since retiring in 2006. I remember the early days when you would always announce next year's federal pay raise, before any other news source. Over these years you have covered the same topics of interest to the employee and retiree many times, but always in such a fresh way. Each time, with a gentle inquiring manner, you would introduce the topic to the novice while always having something new to make my listening worthwhile. When I close my eyes, I can visualize you standing at the Pearly Gates beside your mother and Jack Bogle. You will be dispensing important information on how I can make the most of the next phase of my 'retirement'. Thanks, Mike, for never stopping what you do better than anyone else.Timothy H.
Condolences and gratitude to Norman Causey and his family, As a young fed moving to Washington, DC, I was given some key advice by my mother who served as an IRS clerk, and by a favorite uncle who was an executive with FEMA. "Read Causey's Federal Diary." Their advice provided 34 years ago unlocked a treasure chest of insight and meaning to the world of the civil service. I read his columns as a daily ritual and later his postings on the Federal News Network website. Throughout the years I felt I'd been gifted a crystal ball into upcoming, meaningful events that impacted me. My uncle and mother have also left us. But I imagine the reception with which they've greeted "Mike" with grins and strong handshakes saying, "Thank you for informing us so well for over more than half a century." With gratitude and sympathy, John (at the USPTO)John B.
I would like to send my condolences and prayers to the family of Mike Causey. His work was valuable to many of us and he will be missed. LarryLarry C.
Mike was an icon!!! He will be sorely missed. I always enjoyed his news cast. they were bright and informative. My sincere condolences to his family. We have lost a great guy! Warmest Regards, John F. Amer Jr.John A.
As a longtime civil servant, I always knew if there was a proposed/pending change to policy that would impact my retirement or my work-life balance, Mike would let us know about it. Thanks for having our back Al these years Mike. We are going to miss you!Stacey B.
Mike Causey passing--Good Guy Gone--He will be missed..Stephen S.
So sorry to hear of Mr. Causey's passing. I enjoyed reading his columns, especially on federal retirement matters. My sincerest condolences to his family and co-workers at FNN.Robert C.
I am very sorry to learn of Mike Causey's passing. I eagerly looked forward to reading his "Federal Diary" columns in the Post and later his columns on FNN.com. His insights into the Federal personnel system, particularly concerning pay and benefits, were very helpful to many Federal employees (especially me) and I will miss him. Whoever takes over Mike's role (reporting on Federal employee issues) will have a tough act to follow. My deepest condolences to his family, and may he RIP.Clayton V.
Mike Causey will be missed tremendously I will miss his WTOP comments and short talks, and also my daily newsletters. May he rest in peace. Driss Ait-BellaDriss A.
Mike Causey is a huge loss. When I joined the federal workforce, his columns helped me understand the pay and benefits more than anything else I tried. He always had interesting guests on to talk about some interesting tidbit about benefits that I'd never thought about it. May his memory be eternal.Daniel M.
NTEU mourns the death of the legendary Mike Causey. For decades, anything Mike wrote about federal employees was must-read for everyone who cared about the federal workforce. His deep knowledge of the players and the issues was only matched by his bottomless trove of stories and anecdotes. His charming personality, extensive network and journalistic talent will be deeply missed. We at NTEU have a personal connection to Mike that he often reminded us of. In the 1960s Mike penned a column called “Washington Window” in NTEU’s member newsletter. NTEU is proud to be part of Mike’s long and stellar biography. He was a gentleman and a friend and he will be missed.Tony R.
I will miss Mike's comments and advice. He was a good guy!Patricia M.
I'm so sorry to hear of Mike Causey's passing. Please know that we are thinking of you all as you grieve the passing of a true giant. I do believe that Mike left this earth in the way he would have wanted... with those whom he cherished. I will truly miss his articles that make me chuckle and provide such insight. God bless, KimberlyKimberly P.
Condolences - I will truly miss Mike. As a federal employee - I looked to Mike to weed through the topics and make things clear.Tina H.
Shocked and saddened to read this morning of Mike Causey's passing. I'm a longtime follower since his Washington Post Federal Diary days and continued to follow him into my retirement. I will miss him dearly and extend heartfelt sympathy to his family. friends and coworkers.Robin L.
I haven't seen Mike Causey in years, but I remember our lunches at the Post, and his willingness to cover the Federal Government Service Task Force in the 80s, led by Rep. Mike Barnes, Vic Fazio, and Steny Hoyer as we tried to protect the Federal Service from RIFs and policies that would have clearly undermined the cause of public service. Mike believed in public service, but he also believed in the people who served, with all their warts, their anxieties, and problems reflecting the humanity and frailty of those they served. He never shied away from the heart of a story, but probed to understand, and help his readers understand. We need his like today more than ever, but his rare breed in truly endangered. (I was the Director of the Federal Government Service Task Force from 1981 to 1988.)Robert H.
Mike Causey I have read and enjoyed Mike's column my entire Government career of 30+ years. He will be greatly missed. My condolences to his family and friends.Myron D.
I just read that Mike Causey has died. I am so shocked and saddened by this news. As a Federal employee, I always looked forward to reading Mike's articles as they were informative and written in a way that was entertaining and easy to understand. I will very much miss his articles in the Federal News Network newsletters. My sincere condolences to Mike's family and friends, and his colleagues at Federal News Network. Lee Carter, Arlington, VALycia C.
Such shocking & sad news. Sending heartfelt condolences to his family and to the Federal News Network family. I will miss his articles.Paula S.
I'm so sorry to hear of Mike's passing. His articles were the ones I always read. He has given me so much information over the years and was always kind enough to reply to emails I sent him over time. He was a great writer and cared about those of us in the Federal Government. He will be greatly missed.Mark S.
Just a note to express my sympathy for the passing of Mike Causey. I have followed his column and recorded pod casts for over 20 years. With so very many changes (good and bad) in the DC Metro area over the past years, I have always relied on Mike Causey's information to reassure me that things will be brighter and truth in broadcasting has and will survive. Thank you Mike.Patricia E.
I was so saddened to read about Mikes passing. I was a daily reader of his column starting back in the Washington Post days in the early days of online news. He provided so much information and help me stay on top of the ever changing federal employment landscape. I will miss his column and online interviews.Craig M.
I wanted to thank Mr. Temin for his obituary for Mike Causey. This is my 30th year working for the federal government and I have been following Mike Causey as far as I can remember. I always knew I would get the most accurate information available in his columns along with a dose of humour. I am stunned and quite disappointed that I see nothing at all in the Washington Post. Quite sad. My condolences to the Causey family.George B.
My condolences for the loss of Mike Causey, I enjoyed his sharp wit and insight. He will truly be missed. Warm regards, Lisa PiersonLisa P.
I really hate to hear about Mike's death. I am a retired FBI agent who read Mike's column at least back to 2007 if not longer. His column gave me insightful and up-to-date information nearly every day. It was always the first thing I looked up when I went to the website.DEWEY B.
I loved the sound of Mike Causey's voice and his messaging was phenomenal. As a Federal employee, I rarely paid attention to all the benefits, resources and the workings of other agencies. Federal News Network's employees have made me a more knowledgeable and dedicated civil servant. Thank you for providing your services to the Government. I wish FNN and Mr. Causey's family all the best as they mourn his passing. Manya P. WiseManya W.
I am so very sorry to hear of Mike Causey's passing. As a federal employee for more than 34 years, I read his Federal Diary column in the Washington Post religiously, and his Federal News Network column has been part of my daily routine since he started it. I feel like he's been an unofficial advisor throughout my career, so I suppose it's fitting that I'm retiring at the end of this year. It's a comfort to know he was doing what he loved right up to the end. My thoughts are with his family and colleagues.Lisa G.
I was very sad to learn of the passing Mike Causey. While I never met him in person we had the chance to exchange several emails over the sixteen years I lived in the area and worked as an Army Federal civil servant at the Pentagon. He was my “go to guy” for information on the latest trends in the Federal government in general and specifically those that impacted my life as a civil servant. I left the area some 19 years ago but continued to check the WTOP website almost daily to see what news Mr Causey might have posted. RIP my friend.Randy K.
I was very sorry to learn of Mike Causey's death. I relied on Mike for the most up-to-date and truthful news affecting federal employees and, in some ways, Congressional employees like me (the rules were slightly different). I remember feeling a sense of panic when Mike seemed to leave the job, only to be reassured when he popped up providing the news in a different format. My condolences to his family and his news family. Lea FowlieLea F.
I woke up this to read that Mr. Causey had passed away - I'm heartbroken. I've never met him but I've been a guest columnist for him a couple of times and often wrote in on different topics he was covering. I started writing to him back in 2010 - still have all the emails. I even gifted him an "employee of the month" certificate in Nov of 2016 which he put in his column Nov 7, 2016. He was such an amazing man who made you feel as though you were one of the family. I will treasure all my email chats with him and the times he published my guest columns - they meant the world to me. I think it's fitting how he left this world as he was doing what he loved...and we loved him for it. Blessings, light and love to all those who knew him - my heart is with you.Dixie C.
I'm so very sorry to hear of Mike Causey's passing. I heave been reading his Federal Report column and listening to Your Turn for years, and always looked forward new editions. His column was on the top of my reading list every weekday. He was a great source of information and a comforting voice in times of unease. My condolences to all his family and co-workers. He will be greatly missed.Melissa B.
Hello, I have followed Mike Causey from my first week as a civilian federal employee and continued to do so for thirty years even into retirement. Over the years I have learned much from his articles and website content and believe his influence kept me grounded on my career path. Many thanks and gratitude to Mike, his family, and your organization for supporting him to ensure his knowledge, experience, and wisdom could be shared with so many of us.Rhonda H.
So so sorry to hear about the death of Mike Causey. I'm a 31-year fed and a DC native. Mike's career at WaPo and at WTOP has been the soundtrack to my own. Always looked for his input on a topic and made sure to follow his advice. My condolences to all of his family, friends, and colleagues.Christine K.
"Long-time columnist Mike Causey dead at 82" by Tom Temin (September 26, 2022 @ 5:06pm) Wow! I am sorry to hear this. Condolences to his family and colleagues at FNN. I have been following the "words of wisdom" of Mr. Mike Causey for over twelve years as a reader of FNN. I've asked him so many questions over the years and he responded. In fact, Mike just contacted me earlier this month via email on a topic/piece he was working on (September 15, 2022) and I responded to him that day. I will miss his current, constant wisdom about the Federal workplace. Mike Causey really respected what we do as Federal Civil Servants. I will miss him, indeed. May he rest in peace.Dr Gregory F.
I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Mike Causey. I am a retired federal employee and I read his column every day. I depended on him to tell me the best day to retire. I followed his advice on the thrift savings plan and also always looked forward to his comments on open season for our health benefits. He always had a delightful column and even after I retired, I followed him on a daily basis. My deepest sympathies to his family and to the federal news network. He will be missed.Margaret Ann S.
Mike Causey was a colleague, competitor for several decades. He was obviously a highly-respected writer and reporter with a reputation for being ethical, entertaining and factual. His death is a loss to the federal community and we will all miss him.Ralph S.
Aloha nui loa and keep on writing, Mike Causey. You have a regular reader here in Hawaii. Thank you, Mahalo, Grazie mille for all you shared with your readers and listeners throughout the many years. Be in peace.Jon I.
Mike Causey was simply the best! His articles were always so helpful for us govt workers. So often I found out details of what we going on at my job through him and not my chain of command. He will be missed.Sean S.
Re: Mike Causey The world of media has lost a giant. What an impression he made. I so enjoyed reading his news articles in the Washington Post. Reading them were a part of my daily routine. Just seeing his name in print put a smile on my face. I felt as If I knew him personally. To have him pass away at his desk is almost like he wrote his own ending to his story. He died doing what he loved best. He certainly will be missed! My condolences to his family and friends.Donna H.
So sad to hear about Mike Causey’s sudden passing. He certainly was an important fixture in letting Federal Employees stay in the know. My sincere condolences to his family I retired after 30 years of Service in 2018 Best KarenKAREN R.
I am a retire Federal Worker in Maryland . I love reading his article about the federal government and how it was changing . When I was getting ready to retire in 2019 , I had send him a question , and he was right there with the answer . I think a lot of readers will miss his knowledge on government issue. My God bless him and his family . Thank youGloria G.
My Dad, Larry Laurent, was a good friend of Mike's in their long overlapping years at The Washington Post, and for many decades after. They got plenty of work done around the restaurant lunches and incessant jokes. Most important, they enjoyed each other's company. I am sad to learn of Mike's death. I believe the last time I saw him was at my parents' 50th anniversary, where I was lucky enough to sit next to Mike. When I jokingly said "nice bag" about the fabric tote with its printed masthead of The Washington Post, in which he carried my parents' gift, Mike handed me the bag. I use it still, and think of Mike every time. Rest in Peace.Elizabeth L.
RE: Mike Causey’s obituary As an officer of the union representing EPA headquarters employees, NFFE Local 2050 and NTEU Chapter 280, I relied on and valued Mike’s columns in the Washington Post. They were always refreshing takes on what it meant to be a federal employee, and on what was happening across government in other agencies and regions. When he left the Post it was like a friend moving away, but still accessible on the air. He was one of the good guys.Bill H.
I was in shock when I read this morning that Mike Causey had passed away. I worked for the Federal Government during high school and college and started my permanent Federal Government career in 1984. Mike Causey's Federal Diary in the Washington Post taught me more about my benefits, pay raises, and issues regarding federal employment in Congress, than any personnel office had ever provided. When he left the Washington Post, I was adrift, looking to fill that knowledge gap. When he landed with the Federal News Report/Network, I felt whole again. Now I feel as though I've lost my greatest mentor, and we never even met. Thank you, Mike Causey! DanaDana W.
It was sad to read about Mike's passing at his desk this week. As a retired federal employee, I have enjoyed reading his weekly articles for more than 15 years. Mike did an excellent job at writing for the average federal employee and sharing his knowledge and insight on whatever he was writing or talking about. He will be greatly missed on FNN and will be hard to replace. My condolences on the passing of a gifted journalist and he was a true blessing to his readers like myself.George E.
I was so shocked to read of Mike's death. He was one of a kind and was the best friend that the federal work force had. When I lived and worked in DC, I always made sure to read his columns because he provided accurate and up-to-date information. He was also a great friend of NARFE and was always willing to go the extra mile to promote NARFE. My thoughts and prayers are with Mike's family. He will be missed.Lynn H.
It is sad to read of my former colleague Mike Causey passing. He was a class act and an excellent journalist. My condolences to his family and colleagues Mike was always a welcome presence in the WTOP newsroom as well as Federal News Network because of his great personality and professionalism. Mike gave me great news tips for my WTOP’s Man About Town feature. He got my sense of humor and me his. He was at the core a newspaper man but translated that ability to radio effortlessly. I used to think I kept a messy desk. I was not at all in his league. But unlike me, if he needed to check something, he could find the right pile and what he was looking for in an instant all with great humor. May Mike Causey Rest In Peace and rise in glory. As well as keep the Angels laughing.Bob P.
I just wanted to add my condolences to the family of Mike Causey. I regularly read his column, and as an HR Specialist, he provided a wealth of information and knowledge. He will be missed. RIP Mike Causey.Don B.
I am a member of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE) and Mike Causey was a great friend of NARFE and the Federal community. We relied on him to help get the word out on legislation that impacted Federal and Postal workers and retirees. You could always count on getting the unbiased truth about issues from Mike. And his understanding of the issues and willingness to share his knowledge served all of us well. I enjoyed his columns and broadcasts. He will be missed and I don't think he can be replaced.Ruthann C.
As a 30+ year Fed, I have spent my entire career following Mike's column (first at the Washington Post and then at Federal News Network). So sorry for his passing...he will truly be missed. His family is in my prayers.Erik S.
I was a fan of Mr. Causey for many years- I think going back to the 70's. Always found his columns to be both insightful and sometimes very entertaining. He will definitely be missed. Kenneth A RogersKenneth R.
I am sad from learning about the passing of Mike Causey. I read his articles in a federal paper from the 1980s. A friend and mentor turned me on to his articles when I was in my mid 20’s. He told me Mike Causey wrote articles with great advice that personally benefited federal employees. I can’t think of one time I didn’t enjoy reading them. I’ve been retired 10 years and still read his articles. I definitely feel the loss not only personally but for what he gave federal employees. Thank you Mike Causey. May you Rest In Peace!Marian K.
What people won't understand (especially younger federal employees) about Mike Causey was how important he was to the ordinary federal employee working in the DC area. If a federal employee bought a Washington Post newspaper, he/she turned first to The Federal Diary. It was gossip, but the most authoritative type of gossip. Staff knew what was happening inside federal agencies because Mike told them. If Mike wrote it, you could trust it. In the 70s, 80s, and 90s, at a time when federal civilian employees felt under siege by politicians and abused by a public that looked down on federal service, Mike Causey understood. Even though he was never a federal employee, he embodied that culture and spoke to federal employees as if he were one of them. He offered federal civilian employees a type of dignity that even political appointees in the agencies seemed to ignore. You were important because you worked for the federal government. That empathy for the ordinary worker was a rare gift and may never be seen again.Michael W.
Dear Federal News Network, I am sending my heartfelt condolences on the loss of your colleague and friend Mike Causey. I always enjoyed reading his columns that were linked to the Federal News Network emails that I routinely receive. Mr. Causey covered important issues to both federal employees and retirees and explained things in a very understandable manner. I always envisioned him speaking directly to me and enjoyed his photo on his column with his slightly sideways glance. I know he will be missed by you and I will miss his wisdom and wit as well. With sympathy, Jeanne RobbinsJeanne R.
I always enjoyed reading Mike Causey's columns and listening to him on the radio. I could depend on him for accurate information about issues affecting Federal employees. I've been retired from the government for over 10 years, but can hear him reporting in my mind because he was so great. We have lost a unique and talented man.Margaret T.
Condolences to Mike Causey’s family and colleagues. When I started my federal government career out of college in 1993, my mentor said, “As a federal employee you have to read Causey’s column.” The rest is history.Mark M.
Re: Tom T.’s, Mike C. Article A very well done piece on Mike, he is smiling down upon you for sure, a perfect closing, and new beginning for FNN. I was hooked on Mike’s daily federal employee pay and benefits articles. Now I await your pen and articles just the same. As a pilot, I offer Mike these last words…”As you make your final flight west into the sunset, enjoy your flight into the spiritual world beyond. No good bye, just see you when I see you my friend.” -Jim KnightJim K.
RIP Mike Causey! From a long-time reader and podcast listener. I learned a lot over the years and loved his wit and voice. I loved his accent, which I always thought straddled the Mason-Dixon line. Appropriate he should represent us DC people, being the best of the North and the South in one place <3.Jeffrey S.
Mike was a good reporter. One of the best. Always to the point with no leaning one direction or the other.George C.
Wonderful notes from Tom Temin on Mike Causey’s passing. He was a Washington institution without even trying or acting like one. His passing struck me in the gut as I greatly enjoyed dozens of show/podcasts etc over the years. He had a terrific pulse on the federal workforce. Thousands of federal employees likely benefitted from his efforts. My condolences for your loss.William B.
I just read of Mike Causey’s passing and was shocked. I have read his columns faithfully over the years and communicated with him on financial topics. He gave me great perspective on Federal workforce issues. I’ll miss reading his column. My condolences to his family.Michael S.
Mike Causey Most Feds just don't know what Mike did for us. Here is one thing... the vast majority of Feds just have no idea. He didn't just report. He inspired and enabled change. At one time, we could only contribute a percentage of our salary to TSP. The was dramatically unfair to low earners who were also big savers. He publicized that issue multiple times... got one of the biggest friends that Feds have ever had, Connie Morella (rep from Maryland), and the VA delegations on board with changing to TSP rule to what it is today. Savers of all salary levels were dramatically enabled and empowered. I don't think this would have happened without Mike Causey... or at least not for a long time after he inspired for it to be done. I met him several times. So humble. So genuine. Such a gentleman. He is such a friend to Feds. Very disappointed when I did not see a tribute to him in the WaPo. I'll be retiring soon. He shepherded me through my federal career. So glad he's been 'by my side' through my entire career. He'll be missed.Michael V.
I’d like to extend my condolences to Mr Causey’s family & his family @ Federal News Network. I’m very shocked about his passing. I never met Mr Causey but feel as if I knew him. I read the Federal Diary everyday as well as FNN. He loved his work & people & people loved him. There will never be another person like Mr Causey. Rest In Peace🙏🏿You will be missed so much but it’s time for you to rest. Thank you for everything you did.Sharon D.
Mike Causey was a giant to Federal employees. When I started my career with GSA his column was in the daily packet of news for our agency. Even after I retired I bookmarked his page on this website. My condolences to his family.Jeff H.
May his soul rest in peace. I will miss reading Mike Causey’s article in Federal News Network.Sara S.
Mike, you have been my most important and reliable news source in my federal career. You shaped my awareness outside my own agency. Your impact was profound and will be deeply missed. Rest in peace.Susan G.
I am praying for the Causey family during this difficult time. I enjoyed Mike's sound bits and insightful articles, he truly was one of a kind.LaWanda B.
My condolences on the loss of Mike Causey. He was a great reporter and I truly enjoyed his wit, thoughts, and insight on the trials and tribulations of the everyday civil servant. Each and every one of his articles was timely and relevant. They always provided the reader with clearly articulated facts as well as his opinion (which was always on the mark). While I did not know Mike personally, over the years I felt like I did since his articles always resonated with me. I felt like he was writing about me and to me with the topics he covered. Mike will be sorely missed. The Civil Service list a great advocate and friend. Rest in peace Mike.Ralph Z.
Condolences to Mike Causey and family. Long time reader and listener.S C.
Mike Causey, just thinking of him makes me smile. Thanks Tom Temin for your wonderful piece on Mike. I met Mike in the Dallas airport many years ago, and stayed in touch with him over the years, and had lunch with him both at DeLuxe and Clydes. He was a wonderful character. He was intrigued methinks with my work in environmental and sustainability issues and he asked, on a number of occasions for me to provide articles for his column. I couldn't say no. He is a great one, and I was so blessed to know him, even in my little corner of his world. Peace unto his family, you Tom, all of his colleagues, and all those that listened to and read his stories and pieces that touched and impacted so many. I will miss not having that next lunch at Clydes. And, yes Tom, I will raise a good cigar to the memory of Mike Causey a wonderful human being. Steve Hellem President & CEO Navista The Public Affairs Group Washington, DCSteve H.
I’ll say what many are saying, I’m sure. I will miss Mike’s reporting. His columns were “must reading” throughout my career. In retirement, he kept me informed of what I was missing. His death is a loss to all of us. Too soon.Terri S.
I will miss Mike Causey, even do I never met him, I fill as I knew him. He made easy to understand what was going on in the Federal Gov. and able to explain. God bless him and be resting and at peace for ever. Amenalicia c.
Just want to offer my sincere condolences on Mike Causey's passing. I was the payroll manager for my agency for 7 years and Federal payroll and benefits is my passion. I sometimes think there were only two of us in the world that got stoked about talking about payroll issues (and now there is only one). Numerous times I've been told no one gets that excited about payroll and benefits. My response was always Mike Causey does! I feel that the rest of my career will be categorized as "post-Causey". Please offer my thoughts to his colleagues and family. Respectfully- Keith SullenbergerKeith S.
I moved to DC in 2009 to work for the federal government and Mike was a constant in my schedule. I looked forward to his columns because they were real and relatable and he helped educate me on SOOO many topics related to federal service. I didn't always agree with his opinions, but then again this town has flip flopped so many times even in my time here you have to just agree to disagree and move on. Thank you for giving him a place where he could flourish until his last day, he was a gift to us all.Stephanie D.
It is hard to explain how sad I was to hear of Mike's passing as I didn't know him - but for his excellent articles. As noted in the tribute story - he wrote to the everyday person - so it was as if he knew ME. It is clear that he loved his work and hope his family knows how important he was to so many people he never actually met. My condolences to his family and friends. RIP Mike.Laura H.
I will miss his voice. He was easy on the ears and enjoyable.Rachel L.
Thank you Mike Causey for helping me learn about all of my federal benefits! Condolences to his family and please know you’ll be sorely missed. A longtime listener. Monica RodriguezMonica R.
I read Mike's articles every day. As a retired federal employee and an officer in National Active and Retired Federal Employees (NARFE) I found his column to be very informative and thought involving. I would like to have met him. From other stories I've read here he seems quite the guy!. I will miss his columns. RIP Mike CauseyLinda S.
Mike Causey. I was sad to read that Mr Causey had passed. He's been a part of my long federal career. His column was the first thing I read in the morning. His reach spans not only the many agencies that encompassed his column, but he also connected to different generations and social classes. Many a time his column was shared between coworkers and friends, and on social platforms. I will miss his humor and the information he passed on so effortlessly. I'm sure his subs are awesome writers, but, they aren't Mike. RIP Mr. Causey! You've left a positive and indelible mark on the world of the federal employee. You will be greatly missed!Barbara C.
As a Fed for 20+ years and looking towards retirement, I had hoped to have Mike Caussey’s words of wisdom to guide me. I am sorry for your loss and the loss to all the feds who have grown to rely on his advice.Lawrence L.
Mike Causey was an institution. I enjoyed his columns always. He was first in keeping Feds in the know. He will be sorely missed.Nadine L.
I got to know Mike on a professional basis as one of his "informants." It began one day around 1990 when I came home to find a message on my answering machine from Mike Causey! I was so surprised and excited! He heard that I had resigned from the FBI where I worked in the Retirement Office and someone told him that I could explain the "Magic Retirement Date." That conversation began a friendship that lasted until September 26, 2022. I am going to miss him dearly. I remember one of his first radio shows which started as a broadcast from a small house in Arlington with a weak AM signal. I would get in my car and drive around the Beltway to hear it. His interview style is what made it interesting and he chose guests that hit the hot topics. I was honored to be a guest on his shows through the years and proud to see my name mentioned as a source in his columns. Mike is one of a handful of people who I credit with influencing the direction of my career. These shows and his columns are how I learned much of what I know today about retirement counseling and federal benefits. Mike's belief in my knowledge and abilities gave me the confidence to do the work that I do today. Mike could make you laugh like no other. I remember so many things about Mike such as how he was a gentleman by always walking by the street when we would go to lunch after the show at Café Deluxe, Two Amy's or later at Clyde's. He even allowed me to bring my son to the Washington Post for "Take Your Kid to Work Day." He spent time with Kevin and took him on a grand tour of the Post and even showed him where they kept the pre-written obituaries for dignitaries and celebrities. Mike, you would be so proud and humbled by the words of your colleagues and friends as they try to pay tribute to a life well lived and a man who became a legend in his own time. Thanks for everything Mike, you will be missed terribly. My condolences to your family and many friends. Your friend, TammyTammy F.
I've been a reader of Mike Causey's for many, many years. I shall really miss him.William K.
As a USPS employee, I valued Mike's radio podcast. It was and still is one of the few resources available for TSP contributors. I have listened to all of his shows and in this tumultuous market time. Sage advice that I wish I had found sooner. I am deeply saddened by his passing. As long as the Pod Casts are available, I will continue to listen.Paul M.
"Funny, talented, enduring: The Mike Causey I knew" by Tom Temin - Thanks for this lovely tribute. I started to listen to Mike's radio show, a few years after moving to DC (1985) when I finally was able to afford a vehicle. He was informative and entertaining on the long slow commute around the beltway. I had a little correspondence with him and he answered me PERSONALLY! - No form letter. I was so proud when he published something I sent him, a few years ago. I read every column he wrote - what a treasure he was. I'm happy that he did not suffer a long and disabling illness - better to go fast and in a familiar place. RIP Mike!Linda W.
I worked with Mike Causey at OPM Management Magazine 1984-86 and read all his columns at FNN. He was the best source of facts on the Federal. workforce! Wonderful guy who will be missed. Julia SJulia S.
I've read Mike Causey's columns for years and have build my retirement plan and TSP account on his advice. I'm sorry he's gone and will miss his expertise and humor. My condolences to all of you at FNN that have lost a colleague and friend.Susan U.
They don’t make journalists like Mike anymore. He gave us feds exactly what we needed—clear, useful info with a touch of humor. He will be missed!Rebecca K.
When I started working for the federal government just about 30 years ago, my aunt, herself a long time federal employee, recommended I read Mike's column in the Washington Post. I read him regularly for years, and followed him over to Federal News Radio (still can't quite get used to the name change). I've emailed with him a few times over the years about some of his articles. He was always kind and informative in his replies. He'll be sorely missed. Tom, your obituary and follow up article on Mike were wonderful, I've enjoyed your writing as well.Louis C.
As others have echoed -- my heart broke when I heard of Mike Causey's passing -- such shocking news for someone who carried the torch and captured the heart and soul of the Federal worker. May his memory be honored and remembered and his family and friends be blessed. Am hopeful each of us can ensure the (candle) light of his work ethic and generous spirit continues. Rest In Peace... MS~M S.
I'd been listening to Mr. Causey for many, many years. May he rest-in-peace. God bless his family and colleagues.Richard H.
So sorry to hear about Mike's passing. I discovered Mike's work shortly after I began my federal career in 1979. Now a retiree I have enjoyed his work for decades. Had a couple of opportunities to exchange emails with him. Was pleasantly surprised that he had the time to respond to mine. My condolences to his family & co workers.David B.
I have been reading Mike Causey's column my entire career. My parents were both Feds and told me when I started in the government that you can never go wrong with Mike. His wisdom and advice has guided me throughout my federal career. I will truly miss his insight, wit and humor.Sally M.
Mr. Causey introduced me to the Federal Government. The information he shared was of great value to my career. He is a legend to all federal employees. Mike, you will truly be missed. Sending God's blessings to you and your family. ---W. Wallace Jr.Wade W.
I followed Mike Causey for the last 10 year working for the IRS when I retired in 2013. I continued to follow him into retirement and was sad to read of his passing. For the past 20 years reading Mike has been a part of my daily routine. I will miss his insight.Sidney S.
My condolences on the passing of Mike Causey. I followed his columns from 1993 to present day. As a brand personnel specialist in 1994, I called Mike when he worked at the Washington Post and he answered! Not only did he explain an issue to a young, inexperienced personnel specialist, he faxed me some documentation about it (and hung on the phone for two minutes while I ran around the office searching for the office fax number). I had more email contact with him in 2021 and joked with him about our 1994 contact and how much that had meant to me. He was a gentleman and scholar.Sarah H.
I am a retired fed and enjoyed reading Mike Causey's columns in the Washington Post. When Mike left the Post I continued to follow his stories online. I appreciated his insight and knowledge of the Federal government. My sincere condolences to his family.Michael Y.
I am so sorry to hear of Mike's passing. I retired in in 2015 after 42 years and have always depended on Mikes advise and wisdom especially regarding health insurance, tsp and retirement. I have read his columns for many years following him wherever he worked. He seemed like an old friend. I will miss his column and wisdom.Allen H.
When I was a young Grants Management Specialist at the National Cancer Institute and Chair of its Diversity Committee, the Personnel Officer and loved to discuss the contents of Mike Causey's storied column. It was chock full of information that Federal employees could always use. The information was accurate, presented in a way that made sense and sprinkled with humor. I met Mike at a Grants Management Retreat, where he was a guest speaker. I was surprised to find him to be the nicest person. His advice was honest, sound and again, funny! I met Mike again at an FDR conference in California where my wife and I found ourselves dancing next to him. He was what I would call a "smooth" dancer. I will miss Mike and the important information that he presented to Feds in his unique style. Condolences to his family and colleagues at Federal News Network. You have truly lost a gem. E.C.M.E.C. M.
I’m adding my voice to those expressing condolence for the passing of Mike Causey. His insight on the federal workforce, legislation and political environment were always "spot on". During my 30-year federal-in service and professional services career, I've looked forward to his perspectives on the impact legislation had on the civilian and military workforce. While I didn't always agree, I've always respected his sense of fairness, dedication, and commitment to his craft. I’m glad I saved so many of his articles and will truly miss his voice. To Mike’s family, please know that you’re in my prayers. Rest in Peace Mike, your voice maybe silent but, your words will live on.Terrie R.
When I read the headline reporting Mike's death I was stunned and could only sit in silence for a few moments. As if a close personal friend or a relative died, I began going through my mind on who to call; Mike was an institution. I began reading his column in the early 2000s and looked forward to his radio show playbacks or his commentary. Like Alex Trebek on Jeopardy, I am not sure he can truly be replaced; FNN may put someone in his slot to do the things he did, but it just won't be the same. I offer my sincerest condolences to all who loved him and benefited from his great insights, he will truly be missed.Deborah J.
My condolences to the family, friends, and co-workers of Mike Causey. For many years I’ve read Mr. Causey’s column and listened to his broadcasts. Mr. Causey provided valuable information to federal workers related to benefits, pay, and retirement planning . I feel like I’ve lost a friend. Thank you Mr. Causey for being a great journalist and an advocate for federal employees. May you rest in peace.Gina R.
Mike Causey. First read Mike when I was in Navy in DC 70 to 73. In 73 bectame a fed. admired him and just a few weeks ago when he asked for input on entering office again , he thanked me. So far only worked 49 years or 53 if get credit for Navy. Smiled when Mike respoonded to a comment I made about keep working after 70. RIP Mikehoward e.
To Mike Causey, may your soul rest in peace. My condolescences to your family, loved ones, co-workers, and friends. Thank you for your great stories, they were all delightfully informative. In the fall of 2018, I got hooked to reading your column, I remember this because "open season" was fast approaching and you were discussing, even recommending that people consider HDHP and HSA. You see Mike, you blew me away by describing in detail how this works; I have heard of HDHP in the past but my idea of what it meant was completely off; And so, your column on this subject enlightened me to the point that i did my own research and then switched from Blue Cross to GEHA HDHP during enrollment season. Ever since, when i come to work (into the office), the first thing i do is go to Mike Causey's column (not my work email). This is how i begin my day, everyday ever since then; I always learn something from Mike. He is the reason I started paying close attention to my TSP account because Mike likes to write about TSP Millionaire club. Thanks Mike, I'm half way there with 20 years remaining; I say all these to say, THANK YOU Mike for opening my eyes to a lot of things i was not familiar with, you will be missed; I will miss you.Chibuike N.
I will miss Mike Causey. I am a retired federal employee under CSRS. I listened to all his radio recordings from time to time. I also read his column. I was shocked to learn today about his passing. I extend my condolences to all those friends of his that he interviewed in his radio recordings and his family. A great guy I will miss listening to and will not be forgotten.Mary G.
I'm a long way from the Beltway, but I appreciated everything I learned reading Mike Causey's column and listening to the podcast of his show. There was even a time when Mike kept me company when the COVID crisis was at its worst and I had to take a long time off from work to care for a family member- it helped keep me connected to the world and my job. Thanks for everything and rest in peace, Mike. You'll be missed.Paul S.
To Mike's family....thank you for sharing him with me. I am in my 14th year as a Federal retiree and almost from his first article at the Washington Post I knew that Mike was one who I could trust. He was my own personnel office. It is not possible to sum up 50 + years of advice, but my sincere thank you for all he did to help so many people over the years....and it was freed advice! George KerestesGeorge K.
I’m so saddened by Mike Causey’s passing, as we’d been personal friends and colleagues since the late 1980’s—when among other things, he and I first publicly debated the merits of DoD’s first-ever use of VERA/VSIP to reduce its post-Cold War civilian workforce (yes, we go back that far!). Mike wrote the daily Federal Diary back then—a morning ‘must read’ for every US government employee—and I was the defense department’s civilian personnel policy chief, and that was the start of what became a decades-long friendship. I’ll forever miss his insights (and his sometimes caustic humor), but I’m sure he’ll go down as one of the unsung giants of the Federal civil service, even though he was never actually a card-carrying member of it. RIP, Mike!Ron S.
Sending my condolences to Mike Causey's family, friends, and colleagues. I truly enjoyed reading his articles and listening to his program on Wednesday mornings. Cheryl L.Cheryl L.
Subject : Mike Causey My thoughts and prayers are with Mike's family, friends and co-workers. I read and listened to Mike's articles and podcasts for years. I always reached out to him during open season for FEHB for questions and advice. He always looked out for federal workers and retirees. As a retiree myself, he was a wealth of knowledge. He will be missed. Take care and be well. Peace /vr Doug MorrisDoug M.
I was so saddened to hear early Monday morning on WTOP that Mike Causey had died and to read Mike's obituary in the Washington Post on Wednesday. I will greatly miss reading Mike's Federal Report and the sound of his voice on the radio. In fact his voice is what I hear in my head when I read his articles. I started reading Mike Causey's Federal Diary column in the Washington Post in the 80's when I started my federal civil service career at NIH/NCI. I then followed his column to The Federal News Network in the 2000's when he retired from the Post. Reading his column's has been a daily routine for longer than I care to remember. He had become part of my day. I will miss him. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and coworkers. He will be greatly missed by so many people. With my deepest sympathy AnnaAnna W.
So sorry to hear of Mike Causey's passing. He was a true 'friend of the fed' and was always good for a needed chuckle. Best wishes to all of his friends and family.William V.
Farewell Norman "Mike" Causey from this dedicated reader and Fed of 32+ years. Appreciated your dedication and informed candor. Already missed.Brian G.
I read Mike's column in the Post when I lived in the DC area. I read his post here on FNN. I have forwarded many of his articles to people I work with because they were just that good. I will miss his insight, I will miss his sense of humor and I know others will too.Steve B.
I was so shocked to hear about Mike's passing. I actually started crying at my desk. So many of his articles I forwarded to my co-workers. I have many of them saved in my "retirement" folder in Outlook. I remember in June of 2018 he asked if I would write a guest column for him while he would be out . I was sure it would not even come close to any of his columns, but I was very touched that he would even ask. His column is something I looked forward to every day. Condolences to his friends, readers and family. Rest in peace Mike! We will miss you. Susan F. -HoustonSusan F.
I've read Mike's column for over 30 years. Never met him, but always felt like he looked out for federal employees. Always enjoyed his commentary and certainly his columns and podcasts. I feel like (and hope) that he died doing what he loved doing. All the best to his family and friends.Robert C.
I have read Mike Causey articles since arriving 'inside the beltway' in the mid-1960s. What a treasure he was. At one point around 1990 when he was still at the Washington Post I wrote him a lengthy letter on one of my federal concerns. Surprise, Oh! Surprise. The next day my letter became his column. Since that time when I wrote something to him, he would send me a reply and he might say, 'I'll probably use that.' And by Jove he would. What a wonderful man and friend to the possible millions whose path he enjoyed sharing. There will probably never be one like him who was so in touch with those 'inside the beltway.' May rich blessings be heaped on his family knowing they shared a man whom millions loved. Milt A.Milton A.
As a recently retired federal employee of 35+ years, I have been depending on our dearly-departed giant-of-a-man (the esteemed Mike Causey) as my most dependable source of federal employment/benefits knowledge since the '80's. Our most sincere and heartfelt condolences to Mike's family at this difficult time.....Eric R.
As the creator and author of Checkbook's Guide to Health Plans for Federal Employees, I was interviewed many times each fall by Mike Causey over the last 40 years, in early years providing information for his Washington Post columns during the annual Open Season, and in recent years for his radio show and the lunches together that followed. Over the many hundreds of times we talked about the many issues of the times, we became close friends. The call-in messages for his show accounted for a considerable part of the stacks of paper on his desk. Losing Mike is a terrible personal blow, as well as a loss to his many followers. He will be missed.Walton F.
Rest in peace Mike Causey - Thanks.Timothy G.
Mike was an awesome writer. He taught me so much as a young government employee. Condolences to the family, he will be missed.Darius D.
I have worked for the Federal Government for almost 36 years. I have listened to Mike since he started on the FNN. So much have happened in the Federal Government the past 15 years (3 changes of presidents, roller coaster ride of the TSP, Government shutdowns, etc). During all the craziness, it was already reassuring to check in for Mike's columns (and his fantastic insightful guest columnists). When reading his articles you always felt he was a voice for the US Federal worker. Mike presented unbiased comments on issues that truly were important. I will greatly miss checking in on a daily basis to his site for a short escape and many times a laugh or two. I am sure he is already setting up his desk and computer up in heaven for the next chapter of this life. RIP Mike.Gregory s.
I would like to offer condolences and prayers to Mr. Causey's family and friends. I have been an ardent reader and fan since he authored the Federal Diary. Amazing insight and friend to the Federal employees. Rest in peace, job well done!Nancy W.
Re: Mike Causey Passing I can't even remember when I first started reading Mike, but it was due to one of my mentors when I was younger who I admired for his astuteness when it came to federal employee news. He forwarded me a few Mike links and I was hooked. I would read every day and look forward to my morning email from FNN. Mike, you shaped i daresay a million federal employees and made our lives better. I know mine is better because of you. That may be the best testament to a great person -- the breadth of humankind they touched. Condolences to Mike's family - both personal and work.Eric S.
I was shocked and saddened to hear of Mike Causey passing. I always looked forward to reading his columns throughout my career at IRS and into retirement. My sincere condolences to his family, friends & coworkers. Mike will be sorely missed.Sue M.
Really sad to hear of Mike Causey's passing. His columns were excellent. RIP Mr Causey.Paul S.
I'm so sorry to read about Mike Causey. I really enjoyed his commentary and articles. He will truly be missed.Camille R.
My deepest sympathy to Mike Causey's family and colleagues. He was an outstanding journalist and friend to the Federal community. Rest in Heaven Mr Causey.Nancy W.
My condolences to all the friends and family of Mike Causey. I really appreciated his style and he seemed to make the complicated easy to understand. I will miss his articles and pod casts.Michael F.
I feel like I lost a friend. Mike Causey was not just an institution, he was a caring individual whom we felt was on the side of the federal employee. Mike welcomed our comments, used some of them in his column, and other times responded personally. A couple of times, I was honored to write a guest column for him.Lenore C.
Should have had a drop down option to comment on Mike Causey’s passing. Nonetheless….. I first got to know Mike while he was still writing his column for the Post and I was a US Navy veteran and new IRS attorney and subsequently a new NTEU union steward in the union just organized. For several years I was his extra set of eyes finding typos in columns that he could quickly correct. As a result if several lengthy comments on columns he had written, I was one of several readers he asked to contribute columns so he could use them to fill in when he wanted to take a few days or weeks off. Like all of his friends and readers, I enjoyed all our conversations. I retired over ten years ago now, and greatly regretted due to family obligations no longer having the time to keep up with Mike. I was so sad to hear of the death of his son Stephen. It is always hard for any parent to survive a child. But I had to smile, even with a tear in my eye, to hear he had died “in harness” at his desk, having just put another recording on tap for his audience. Truly, had he been able to pick when to go, I think that would have been it. Let’s all raise our figurative glasses in a final toast to Mike!Laurel C.
He was very informative when it came to my 34 year career with the government from the Department of the Navy to my career where I retired with Social Security Headquarters. As I retiree, I still have been following his Broadcast. He shall be greatly missed by so many. Thank You for your contribution Mike. God SpeedBonnie S.
I read Mike`s post everyday he posted one. He was very informative and he will be missed!!!!! Just wondering who will replace an irreplaceable man! Thanks Mike for all the years of service!!!Tony C.
I am a long time federal employee with USDA and was sad to hear of Mike's passing. I looked forward to his column every day! I feel like I lost a close friend. Thank you Tom Temin! You had a difficult task in sharing this news and you did a great job. I appreciated your kind words. Respect. Sorry for my delay in commenting. I was at a loss for words when I saw this and left for vacation early the next morning.David K.
I will certainly miss him. He was a good friend to the federal employees reporting on many important things like our pay, retirement, how best to manage the TSP, possible government shutdowns and more. My condolances go out to his family. I will dearly miss him.Lee S.
I know Mike passed away. Great loss but what about his column? Is someone going to pick up where Mike left off?Yolanda L.
My condolences to Mr. Causey's family and his Federal News Network colleagues. I didn't know Mr. Causey personally. However, I felt I knew him from the many articles he authored about Federal government news. I will undoubtedly miss his informative articles.Trudy H.
Mike Causey was a high school classmate. If moving from the big city of Washington, DC to a rural community outside Bowling Green Ky joining our small junior class, graduating in 1957.Jimi C.
Hi, My Name is Fred, I am a recent retiree of 41-years of Federal service at NIH. I first learned of Mike Causey through reading his column in the Washington post in the 1980’s afterwards following him on the radio. Mike was instrumental during my federal career, especially being a CSRS off-set employee, Mike was able to bring a wealth of knowledge for CSRS off-set employees, how to avoid the common pitfalls that Federal employees may encounter. During my career, Mike helped me to navigate my decision of TSP and Health benefits during my career even up to understanding the best day to retire, with a wealth of knowledge on savings. Thanks to Federal News Network and the many guests that appeared on the “Your Turn” broad cast for an amazing and down to earth person such as Mike Causey, I will truly miss you.Fred G.
Mike Causey was a classmate. He made a big adjustment moving from Washington, DC to a rural school outside of Bowling Green, KY. He went from the big city to the farm. Our high school was small, not to mention our class. Mike started our junior year in 1956, graduating in 1957. He made friends right away with Tom Davenport. Together those two were mischievous probably more of a headache for our teachers. Always something funny! If I had thought about it, after graduation I would thought those two guys would not have made a decent living. What did I know? Tom became an engineer with one of Bowling Green's local industries. And Mike seized the moment starting to work for the most prestigious newspaper in the country. After graduation, I never saw Mike until our small class decided to have a class reunion. At that time, I was living in Nashville working for a local radio station, WLAC. We had a popular talk show(s) on AM - my job was taking care of front desk visitors and a busy phone. On occasion suggesting guest(s) for one of our talk show hosts. My suggestion to interview Mike as a guest via phone was approved. I now had a chance to talk to Mike, tell him about the class reunion and to ask if he would mind an interview with one of our talk show hosts. That was easy enough. I now had a good excuse to contact Mike during normal work hours. I made a call cold to the Washington Post getting through to Mike almost immediately. Even more of a surprise that I did not have to introduce myself, he recognized my voice. It had probably been over 25 years since graduating from high school. The phone interview went great! Mike brought one of his daughters to our only class reunion. Seems like he drove from Washington to Bowling Green in a jeep. Once in a great while Mike made it to a few high school reunions. Brief as those times seeing Mike briefly, it was always a joy! I will miss him!Jimi C.
I am a retired Fed ... retired in 2004. Mike Causey was my go to source for current and upcoming Federal News. Thoroughly enjoyed and sorely miss his commentary.Robert S.
Every morning, I looked forward to reading Mike Causey's column. In fact, reading his column was the first thing on my To Do List. He kept us informed on government benefits and provided great insight into how to maximize them. He will be sorely missed.Ellyn P.
Mike would always answer our questions. He really liked that we would discuss his colum on the tee box in FloridaMichael C.
Like thousands of other Federal employees, I am sad we've lost Mike Causey. As you noted in your podcast, he had a big impact on us, in many ways, over many years. I'm a second-generation civilian Fed. employee and learned to read and take note of Mike Causey's column from my late dad who followed Mike in the Post from the start. The columns had zero importance to me as a kid, of course, but the level of importance my dad placed on reading his column daily definitely came through and I carried on that placement of trust and value as I began my federal career in the late 90s. Feel grateful to have had at least a part of his wisdom over the years to shed light on my work, benefits, and historical context.Heather T.
I’m so saddened by Mike Causey’s passing, as we’d been personal friends and professional colleagues since the late 1980’s—when among other things, he and I first publicly debated the merits of DoD’s first-ever use of VERA/VSIP to reduce its post-Cold War civilian workforce (yes, we really do go back that far!). Mike wrote the daily Federal Diary back then—a morning ‘must read’ for every active duty and retired US government employee—and I was the defense department’s civilian personnel policy chief, and our debate eventually became one of the case studies that I share with new SES members at the OPM Orientation. It was also that the start of what became a decades-long friendship, and I’ll forever miss his insights (and his sometimes caustic humor); however, I’m sure he’ll go down as one of the unsung giants of the Federal civil service, even though he was never actually a card-carrying member of it. RIP, Mike!Ron S.
Mike Causey was a great guy! I saw him frequently and got to know him when I worked in the public information offices of the U.S. Civil Service Commission and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. When I retired at the end of 1995 he gave me a few lines in the Washington Post!! (The Federal Diary, Friday, December 15, 1995.) [Do I still have a copy? You bet I do!] [Kathy Troutman's Federal Resume Guidebook got a mention in that column as well.]Tom K.
Who is the new Mike Causey? I have followed his valuable advice for more than a decade. He was a believable source of information for the federal active or retired employee. He always delivered the bottom line.Bob J.
I started every day with reading Mike Causey's column. I also like to listen to his podcast. I am devastated to learn of his death and feel such a void. I was a Mike fan and devoted follower. I am still shocked by the sudden loss and feel he is irreplaceable both as a reported and wonderfully person. He was one of a kind. My sorrow runs deep and my sincere condolences to his family and friends. May he rest in peace.Joe C.