May Community Spotlight

The Federal News Network Community Spotlight is

A Wider Circle

The mission of A Wider Circle is to advance equity in the greater Washington, DC region by fostering the exchange of goods, skills, and connections from neighbor to neighbor, and by engaging in advocacy to address the root causes of poverty.

A Wider Circle’s interrelated programs seek to meet urgent, mid-term, and long-term needs, working with individuals, families, and entire communities.

The Essential Support program creates stable and dignified homes by providing beds, furniture, and home goods — all free of charge — meeting urgent and serving as a critical first step toward stability.

The Career Support program provides job seekers with holistic support, partnering with them to translate their unique strengths to work that generates energy and enough income to live comfortably in our region. Job seekers can also visit A Wider Circle’s Professional Development Center and work with a volunteer personal shopper to select a week’s worth of professional clothing and accessories to wear for interviews or on the job.

Based at A Wider Circle’s Ward 8 Hub in DC’s Washington Highlands neighborhood, the Neighborhood Partnerships program works with residents to address needs specific to their community. The Ward 8 Hub is also home to the second cohort of A Wider Circle’s Partnership to Independence initiative, a 3-to-5-year program offering long-term, intensive multi-generational support to neighbors facing barriers to self-sufficiency.

Finally, A Wider Circle’s Advocacy program works in coalition with community members and leaders to discuss and develop the long-term change needed to address poverty’s root causes.

Founded in 2001, A Wider Circle’s name was inspired by a 1950 letter from Albert Einstein to a grieving father that stated, “Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion.”

A Wider Circle believes that every individual, family, and community should have the opportunity — and access to the resources needed — to thrive. Since its founding, the organization has provided vital services to thousands of children and adults each year.

A Wider Circle’s mission is truly a community-based effort with thousands of volunteers, in-kind donors, and local businesses engaged.

To get involved or make a donation, visit, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.