Melwood Veterans Services offers resources to service members

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About Melwood Veterans Services

 MVS is where veterans, service members, families, and caregivers can find programs, resources, and a community – all geared towards recognizing and serving those who have served.


 “To empower veterans struggling with the effects of service-related trauma and/or seeking employment to transform their own lives and exercise their fundamental right to the pursuit of happiness.”

Serving those who have served…

 Over the years, Melwood has supported hundreds of veterans in their efforts to overcome the physical, behavioral, and emotional challenges associated with post-traumatic stress, mild traumatic brain injury and other service-related traumas, such as military sexual trauma and moral injury.

About Melwood Veterans Services LLC 

 MVS is a non-profit organization within the Melwood family of services. It grew out of the very successful Operation Tohidu® program, which was founded in 2014 as an experiential and healing retreat for veterans and service members. Our team comprises of veterans and specialists who have direct experience with the issues at hand, either from their own military service or from relevant work in direct support of those who served.

MVS offers a variety of services to our nation’s warfighters. Through this 501(C)(3) non-profit service organization, veterans seeking assistance with employment, career development and community reintegration can find the resources and support they need to thrive both in their professional and personal lives.  Our transformative retreat program continues to promote “Peace with the Past, through Power in the Present” and encourages participants to reframe their trauma, injuries or memories from war and military experience, so that they can approach life with renewed purpose and positivity.

MVS also provides corporate leadership training on best practices for hiring and retaining veterans with differing abilities in the workforce. Melwood’s longstanding history of employing and training veterans with physical, behavioral, or other and service-related challenges revealed a gap in employment-related services geared towards wounded warfighters in the community.   Melwood human resources and vocational support services staff work in partnership with MVS to implement appropriate accommodations for veterans living with post-traumatic stress or other behavioral or physical challenges.

MVS Offerings

1.) Operation Tohidu – A short-duration, high-impact, transformative retreat for veterans, service members, partners and caregivers.

2.) Vets Ready2Work Program – A training, development and work placement program for former and transitioning military.