November Community Spotlight

The Federal News Network Community Spotlight is March of Dimes

Calling attention to Prematurity Awareness Month this November is more important than ever before as the U.S. is facing an urgent maternal and infant health crisis, heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic. The U.S. prematurity rates have increased for the fifth consecutive year; but this crisis is not just about the health of babies born too soon, it’s about those we’ve lost. It’s about the moms who died and those who face serious health challenges before, during and after pregnancy. It’s about the continuum of care for all moms and babies — as their health is intertwined.

March of Dimes, the nonprofit organization leading the fight for the health of all moms and babies, is dedicated to advancing the understanding of premature birth, working hand-in-hand with researchers, policymakers, community leaders and families. As part of this effort, they will issue the March of Dimes Report Card in November, highlighting the collective factors that contribute to maternal and infant mortality and morbidity. They will also recommend policy actions that can create positive change, as part of their #BlanketChange 2020 agenda.

November 17 will be recognized around the globe as World Prematurity Day, when March of Dimes asks families, partners and friends to post messages of support and awareness across their social media platforms. Socially-minded advocates and fundraisers can raise awareness of the preterm birth crisis, ignite action and celebrate families by posting messages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, sharing images of strong babies and tagging @marchofdimes with #WorldPrematurityDay. For more information, visit