Burdens in the administrative system

This episode of Between the Lines with the Administrative Conference of the United States will investigate how federal administrative agencies can identify and reduce the burdens that the public faces when interacting with these agencies.

Tens of millions of Americans and small businesses must interact with federal administrative agencies every year. They must do so for a wide variety of reasons including seeking information — claiming health, retirement, VA, housing, or other benefits — securing permits and licenses — paying taxes — responding to enforcement or adjudication challenges and complying with agency rules and regulations.

Too often people and businesse face unacceptable amounts of “red tape” and other obstacles before they can achieve their goals with federal agencies.

This episode takes listeners “between the lines” of efforts to help agencies do a better job of identifying and then addressing and reducing the red tape that experts call an administrative burden.

Two university professors will discuss a report they provided to ACUS laying out the problem. An ACUS committee chair will then talk about a series of proposals, adopted by the Assembly, about how best to confront these problems of identifying and reducing administrative burden.

Finally an OMB attorney will tell us about the efforts it is making to tackle them.