Episode 3: Federal agency use of machine learning and generative AI

This episode of “Between the Lines with the Administrative Conference of the United States,” tackles the timely and complex issues regarding federal agency use of machine learning, generative AI, and other algorithmic tools in administrative proceedings. These procedures include regulation and rulemaking, enforcement, adjudication, and licensing.

Andrew Fois, host of the show and chair of the Administrative Conference, and his four expert and experienced guests consider such questions as definitions of AI and the other tools, how agencies have been using these tools already, potential benefits of their expanded use by agencies, and the risks associated with using these tools. These guests are all friends of ACUS, and they address the substantial body of work undertaken by ACUS on this subject. They also discuss President Biden’s October 30th Executive Order to agencies directing them how to use AI and the accompanying OMB guidance assisting agencies on the best ways to execute that EO.

Guests include:

  • Professor Dan Ho of Stanford Law School
  • NYU law Professor Catherine Sharkey
  • Professor Cary Coglianese of the University of Pennsylvania School of Law
  • Alexandra Reeve Givens, president and CEO of the Center for Data and Technology.