Justice Delayed – Justice Denied: Timeliness of Agency Adjudication

This episode of Between the Lines with the Administrative Conference of the US  is titled: Justice Delayed/Justice Denied: Timeliness of Agency Adjudication.

The show tackles the all too persistent problem of backlogs and delays that people often face when required to deal with an agency adjudication. Millions of Americans do so every year to obtain benefits, services, permits, and licenses or to respond to accusations of lawbreaking. Delays resolving these matters can have significant consequences.

This episode explores the issue with four expert guests. The first two are ACUS attorneys who conducted an in-depth research report that resulted in an official recommendation, containing proposals for agencies and Congress, adopted by the ACUS assembly.

In the third segment we hear about that recommendation from tje chair of ACUS committee that developed it.

Finally, the acting chair of a small agency will describe how it addressed its recent problem of ‘inherited inventory.”