Best Practices For Communicating About The Climate Crisis

How well are the Biden administration and corporate America communicating about the worsening climate crisis? And what could they learn from each other?
Stacy Rosenberg is an associate teaching professor at Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College, where she teaches graduate-level courses on writing for public policy and strategic presentation skills.
In this episode, Rosenberg shares her insights and observations about the strategies the federal government and the private sector are using to discuss climate change and the most effective tactics and techniques they could employ.
Using terms like global warming and climate change are outdated and politicized, businesses and government officials should focus on communicating the economic and health benefits of climate initiatives. – Stacy
They must consider how to communicate the impact of climate change on daily life instead of just focusing on glacial melt which is difficult for people to relate to. – Stacy
Featured Guest in this episode
Stacy Rosenberg
Associate Teaching Professor, Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz CollegeProfile:
00:00 Introduction
00:58 Stacy’s expertise on Climate Crisis Communications
01:40 Biden Administration’s Climate Crisis Communication Efforts
03:33 EPA’s Missed Deadlines in Addressing Climate Crisis and its consequences
05:33 Private sectors’ action on addressing climate crisis
07:37 The challenges of Communicating Climate Change
13:03 Best practices and recommendations on climate crisis communications
18:20 Overcoming difficulties and things to keep in mind about climate crisis communication
23:20 Conclusion
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