Challenges Federal Agencies And Companies Can Face When Confronted By A Crisis

Just because a company or government agency did not have a crisis today, there’s no guarantee they won’t have a crisis tomorrow.
Paul Washington is the executive director of The Conference Board’s Environmental, Social & Governance Center. In this episode, he discusses the challenges, issues, and obstacles organizations can face when confronted by a crisis.
Crisis management is part of the broader picture of organizational resilience. – Paul
Business continuity planning is essential to continue operation during a crisis. – Paul
One of the biggest challenges that we’re facing and we’ve all been experiencing lately are that crises are occurring simultaneously. They are interconnected.- Paul
Featured Guest in this episode
Paul Washington
Executive Director, The Conference Board’s Environmental, Social, & Governance Center
00:00 Introduction
01:03 Paul’s background
01:40 CEO’s preparedness gap in Crisis management
04:01 Type of crisis on the report
04:46 Companies vs Federal agency in handling crisis
06:22 Handling internal crisis
07:28 Lessons from private and government sectors
09:14 Steps on doing post-crisis investigation
12:25 FEMA’s crisis management
14:23 Challenges of private and federal agencies during crisis
16:23 Preparedness of companies in America
18:29 Importance of simulation and drills
19:51 Mitigating the risk of crisis
21:27 New crisis that will emerge in the future
23:20 Final takeaways from the guest
24:00 Outro
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