Delivering Remote And In-Person Presentations About A Crisis

How you communicate information about a crisis is just as important as what you say about the situation. Karen Friedman, a business communications coach, shares her advice and recommendations for making remote and in-person presentations about a government or corporate crisis.
“If you’re trying to write for the masses, you may not have that personal touch. But if you’re speaking to one person or writing for one person, it becomes more conversational, warmer, and more personal.” – Karen Friedman
“In order to keep the audience’s attention, it’s important to pause, breathe, and speak at a moderate pace. This is particularly crucial in virtual situations, where people tend to talk over each other.” – Karen Friedman
Featured Guest
Karen Friedman
Business Communication Coach
00:00 Introduction
00:21 Communicating Challenging News and Essential Information
02:29 Distinguishing Between In-Person and Virtual Body Language
08:01 Effective Approaches to Handling Interviews with Reporters and Activists
12:18 Best Practices for Communicating a Message Remotely
14:21 Presenting Virtually: Strategies for a Professional Appearance
17:05 Principles for Effective Communication in Virtual Environments
18:41 Effective Strategies for Public Speaking and Presentation Preparation
20:31 Achieving Self-Teleprompter Proficiency and Improving On-Camera Performance
24:11 Final takeaways from Karen Friedman
29:01 Outro
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