Get Ready For A Future Supply Chain Crisis

How well did government agencies and the private sector respond to recent disruptions to supply chains? How should government and business leaders be proactive when protecting their supply chains from another crisis? Brian Alster is the general manager of the North America Finance & Risk and Enterprise Platform businesses at Dun & Bradstreet. In this “Crisis Ahead” episode, he shares his insights, perspectives, and recommendations about urgent supply-chain-related issues.
Anticipating future events in advance enables faster reaction and finding new suppliers or nearshoring options to mitigate the risks. – Brian
“Continuous monitoring helps to identify if the key suppliers could pose a risk due to environmental or macroeconomic factors.” – Brian
Featured Guest
Brian Alster
General Manager, Finance & Risk Solutions – Dun & Bradstreet
00:00 Introduction
00:53 Threat to supply chains
01:54 Effect of Ukraine-Russia ward on supply chain
02:37 Gov’t and private sector’s response
03:32 Challenges and lessons
06:00 Gov’t and business’ proactive response
08:34 How company size is a factor
13:21 How Dun and Bradstreet prepare its clients
14:57 Explaining ESG programs
16:07 Potential risks to supply chains
18:00 Disruption trends in the supply chains
19:24 Forecasting crisis in the supply chain
20:28 Readiness for another supply chain crisis
22:45 Takeaways from Brian
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