How SBA’s Reorganization Could Help Companies Recover From A Crisis

When disaster strikes, can small businesses count on the federal government for the resources they need to recover? Isabella Guzman is the administrator of the Small Business Administration. She discusses the agency’s recent reorganization and how it will improve the help it provides to companies after a flood, hurricane, tornado, or other disaster.
We must be highly responsive and provide simple products to support disaster survivors. This includes helping them rebuild, collect necessary data, setting up local responses, and providing technical assistance. – Isabella
The SBA’s expansion during the pandemic helped millions of small businesses through programs like the Paycheck Protection Program, and now they want to use this momentum to raise awareness about the resources available to support small businesses. – Isabella
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Isabella GuzmanSBA Administrator
00:00 Introduction01:02 SBA’s reorganization for disaster recovery and resilience
03:00 Two phases of reorganization
04:31 SBA’s commitment to disaster recovery
05:58 SBA’s network of support
08:08 SBA’s disaster response and recovery efforts
10:36 Transforming SBA services for resilience
11:44 Different types of disasters that SBA responded
13:03 Lessons learned throughout the years
15:58 Post-analysis for every disasters and crisis
1816 pre-crisis preparation of SBA
19:11 SBA and FEMA coordination during a crisis
20:08 Best practices for businesses before a crisis
21:58 The budget allocation of the govt for the SBA
24:06 Small business loans and opportunities for growth
26:20 The challenges ahead for SBA
27:37 Final takeaways
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