Insights And Observations About The Worsening Immigration Crisis

How is the Biden administration managing the crisis at the southern border? What more can or should be done? Is there a role for the business community in addressing this worsening situation?
In this episode, Jeh Johnson, former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, shares his insights and observations in a candid conversation about the continuing immigration crisis.
“If the economy in the source country improves levels of illegal migration from that source country go down.” – Jeh Johnson
“We need comprehensive immigration reform to solve these problems. The problem of our southern border is a solvable problem.” – Jeh Johnson
Featured Guest
Jeh Johnson
Former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security
00:00 Introduction
00:57 Biden’s action on the border crisis
04:09 Reviving the old immigration policy
06:17 Tools we used for the crisis
08:13 Lessons learned from the past years
11:38 Roles of gov’t agencies on border crisis
13:54 Roles of business leaders on the crisis
15:41 How to measure success on addressing the crisis
18:35 Helping the southern communities on addressing the crisis
20:03 Importance of visuals in conveying the border crisis
25:04 Final takeaways from Jeh Johnson
26:09 Outro
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