Preparing For The Next Cyber Crisis

Every industry is facing some level of cyber risk. Kate Kuehn, Chief Trust Officer at Aon, shares her advice and insights on how those in the private and government sectors can determine their readiness for a cyber crisis and prepare for and keep up with the latest threats.
In order to protect your business, you should have mandatory minimum security solutions which are important for good cyber hygiene and maturity. It’s like “pay to play” and sets a responsible baseline for protection. – Kate
Maintaining good cyber hygiene and security can provide organizations with the confidence to be more creative, and innovative, and embrace new opportunities like the metaverse. Despite the risks, the benefits outweigh them. – Kate
Featured Guest
Kate Kuehn
Chief Trust Officer at Aon
00:00 Introduction
01:02 The status of the cyber climate
03:44 Private and Gov’t cyber crisis preparedness
06:05 Importance of Cyber Maturity
08:40 Better understanding of cyber risks
11:10 Evolving role of Chief Information Security Officers
14:41 Keeping up and responding to the latest threats
16:17 Importance of Cyber risk insurance
19:12 Best practices to be prepared for cyber attacks
20:54 Key takeaways from Kate
22:17 Conclusion
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