The Crises That Can Be Created By Natural Gas Leaks

Bob Ackley is a nationally known gas safety expert and president of Gas Safety Inc. In this episode, he discusses the natural gas leaks and explosions that can create a crisis for companies and communities.

It’s better to Ask the gas company for safety checks to ensure the safety of gas pipes, and if they don’t provide satisfactory answers, contact the Department of Public Utilities. – Bob
Gas companies have a duty to educate their customers on gas leak recognition and response. Natural gas is odorless, but companies add a rotten egg smell. Signs of gas leaks include dead vegetation, unusual noise, white cloud or mist, and bubbles in standing water. If you notice any of these signs, call the gas company immediately. – Bob
“Public education is key in preventing natural gas leak crisis. We must be vigilant and report gas leaks immediately to avoid serious consequences.” – Bob

Featured Guest
Bob Ackley
Gas Safety Expert & President of Gas Safety Inc 

00:00 Introduction
01:00 Natural Gas leak Crisis
03:54 Gov’t role in gas line safety
04:53 Role of Gas companies in safety
06:20 Legislation for Gas Safety Compliance
08:20 Gov’t and Gas companies’ safety measures
10:22 Safety steps for homeowners
11:24 Effects of gas leaks on nearby vegetation
12:23 Signs that there is a gas leak
13:42 Safety steps and precautions for gas leaks
15:47 Database for gas lines information
17:15 Paying pipelines replacement
18:50 The health risks of gas leaks
20:30 Importance of educating the public
22:00 Links and resources

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