What You Need To Know About Deepfakes

New technology can often come with dangers, downsides, and disadvantages. Take deepfakes, for example. The manipulated videos make it appear that someone is saying something they never said. This form of disinformation has the potential to create a crisis for individuals, companies, organizations, and governments.
Cybersecurity attorney Matthew F. Ferraro takes a deep dive into this growing threat.
“Deepfake risk is like cybersecurity risk. They need to tabletop and think about how they’ll respond, just like any other crisis.” – Matt
Government and private sectors should be proactive and get the word out about deepfakes and some advice about how to recognize them – Matt
Featured Guest
Matthew F. Ferraro
Counsel at WilmerHale, National Security, Cyber Security, and Crisis Management Attorney
00:00 Introduction
01:34 How deepfakes started
02:54 How deepfakes are used
05:23 Possible harm caused by deepfakes.
07:47 Security measures regarding deepfakes
09:23 Government actions regarding deepfakes
15:28 Crisis management regarding deepfakes
17:31 Effective response when to deepfakes attacks
20:16 Deepfakes technology in the coming years
21:45 Conclusion
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