Workplace-Related Dangers And Hazards That Could Trigger A Crisis

John is the Vice President of Workplace Strategy at the National Safety Council. In this capacity, he leads vision and strategic direction for the NSC Workplace Practice, including for thought leadership programs and offerings including the Campbell Institute, Work to Zero, SAFER, the MSD Solutions Lab, NSC Networks, and the Council’s deep array of training, survey, and consultative services. John also leads a variety of other research and impact initiatives around emerging topics and issues of interest to safety & health leaders, including Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, ESG & sustainability, and more.
Since joining the National Safety Council in 2007, John has launched and led numerous high-impact programs and research initiatives and serves as a frequent speaker at conferences in North America, Europe and Asia on topics including the future of work, emerging trends in EHS&S, management systems, leadership, and leading indicators. Prior to joining the Council, John held quality management, project management, and coalition-building positions in the communication and educational fields.
Organizations should consider even a single serious incident as a crisis and thoroughly examine it, or they may be at risk of facing another crisis. – John
About our Guest
John Dony
Vice President, Workplace Strategy at National Safety Council
00:00 Introduction
00:54 The National Safety Council
01:39 Effects of hazardous and dangerous conditions
03:58 The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Incident
05:54 The existing dangers and hazards today
08:39 Recent trends concerning deaths and injuries
11:51 Problems of getting recent data for dangers and hazards
14:21 The dangers and risk in the workplace from 15 or 20 years ago
16:38 Strategizing to prevent future crisis
20:07 Top organizations that prevent workplace injuries and fatalities.
22:18 OSHA and Dept of Labor work proactively to prevent injuries and deaths.
23:57 Advice to organizations to prevent injuries and deaths
25:40 Organizations should account for this type of crisis in their crisis management plans.
27:14 Recommended models and templates to mitigate workplace injuries and deaths
28:55 Practicing certain scenarios to test the crisis plan
30:35 Final takeaways from our guest
31:52 Conclusion
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