Dead Man’s Hand: Spec Ops vet Brad Taylor’s new book, plot to kill Putin and nuclear war

Today we’re discussing the new book “Dead Man’s Hand” with author, Army veteran Brad Taylor, former member of the highly classified 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment–Delta (Delta Force). This high adrenaline novel tracks: a plot to kill Vladimir Putin; a fight between Putin’s brutal National Guard henchmen, the GRU- a Russian Intelligence unit and a Ukrainian hit squad; and ultimately the dangerous work of American commandos led by veteran Pike Logan.

It’s a twisted plot that takes us to the brink of nuclear war.

As we discussed the players in the book (based on actual military/intelligence units) I asked Brad if the details come from his experiences while serving with Delta Force?

Taylor also describes the brutality of Russian Intelligence forces and shares behind the scenes look at locations in Sweden and Denmark.  

We dive deeper into tradecraft used by military and spies around the world. And in one of the most revealing parts of our interview, we consider what these missions look like in real-life, as the President and Congress deal with deadly Islamic terror groups and the ominous situation developing with Iran.

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