Military, Veteran University: How UMGC is like a Sherpa, that helps all students reach the top

Whether you’re starting college after the military, finishing a degree or just looking for skills to advance your career, we discover the innovative ways University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) delivers.

UMGC President, Dr. Gregory Fowler describes their “student-centric” approach. More than just a catch phrase, he shares an in-depth look at things like:

  • Helping deployed students from Forward Operating Bases to Antarctica
  • Understanding the specific needs of veteran students from all racial and cultural backgrounds
  • How their process uses a “Sherpa” approach to ensure all students reach the top
  • Employer verified certifications for cyber, business, IT and human resources

Dr. Fowler also describes the way UMGC programs use AI technology to; prompt students when they need it most; identify when life factors may be getting in the way and how instructors can see student performance in real-time, which allows them to assist every student on a personal level.

We also examine how students looking to launch their own business can benefit from a focused delivery of the specific skills related to business. Whether it’s fundamentals or advanced accounting, this streamlined approach gives veteran small business owners exactly what they need to succeed.

Want more on UMGC’s 125 degree programs?

Check out their bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and targeted certificate programs here:

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