Project Dynamo: Harrowing rescue of Americans trapped in Haiti

Today we talk with a Spec Ops vet whose team rushes behind enemy lines to save American lives.

Army/Navy and covert ops veteran Bryan Stern leads the non-profit organization Project Dynamo. He shared vivid details about their recent mission to rescue American missionaries who found themselves trapped within a violent and gang-controlled area of Haiti. 

Stern outlines how his organization effectively operates in the unfortunate void between the US military and the key decision makers inside our own State Department. And how over the past two years they have conducted ops which rescued thousands of Americans caught inside enemy controlled areas within Afghanistan, Ukraine, Russia and Gaza.

Stern shared powerful thoughts on why Dynamo can succeed and why our government, with vastly superior resources, often does not. “They’re the ones that have to make tough decisions. If they don’t have the right cerebral attitude or testicular fortitude to make the right decisions … when you’re dealing with American lives, seconds count, days are a lifetime.”

We also get a rare glimpse into the tactical operation within Haiti including; the secret low altitude flight, transport by boat and bus and the eventual arrival in the Dominican Republic. Stern shares how they’re able to construct a network of allies, safehouses and logistics all while immersed inside hostile territory.

More about Project Dynamo and ways to support their missions here:

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