The fierce debate over Hero’s Bridge plans to build tiny homes for elderly vets

This week we’re talking with Molly Brooks and retired Coast Guard Officer Sean Hagerty from the veteran support organization Hero’s Bridge. They work to help aging veterans find affordable housing, healthcare, and even coordinate rides to and from appointments. Their recent attempt to build a village of small homes for veterans on the grounds of a church in Warrenton, VA sounded like a simple request.

But when they announced their project, they were met with fierce opposition and zoning red tape.  

Brooks and Hagerty describe the negative reactions many residents had to building homes for low-income elderly veterans in their neighborhood. They were especially surprised to see that some of the residents in opposition were also veterans themselves.

They also shared more about the work of Hero’s Bridge and how they will continue fighting to build the village.

See more about Hero’s Bridge and their plans for the village here:

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