The Millennial Veterans voice! Facebook, IG influencer Jenna Carlton

We’re talking with Navy veteran Jenna Carlton, who founded the massively popular Facebook group “The Millennial Veterans.” Between Facebook and Instagram, Millennial Veterans has amassed millions of views, and their content reaches thousands of vets every week.

We jump right into her recent spicy article that tells VA why many younger vets do not recommend joining the military.

She talked about her days aboard the carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) and like her Millennial Vet followers have come to appreciate, she didn’t shy away from sharing personal experiences and the uncomfortable reality of military sexual trauma.

Carlton also shared how she was inspired to create a Facebook group to connect with other millennial vets, after her internship with the House Veterans Affairs Committee on Capitol Hill. It was front row seat to the frustration many feel after watching Congress put politics before the immediate needs of our vets.

She also delivers fascinating observations on whether the military truly helps younger service members prepare for life after the military. And a great take on whether that’s the role of DoD, VA or millennial veterans themselves.

We also examine her latest book, “The Veteran Workbook” and learn how veterans from all eras can benefit from putting their thoughts in a journal. And may be surprised by the benefits of looking in the rear view mirror.

With one scroll through the MV page, the sense of community found within her audience is apparent, and in this episode she shares exactly how many of them feel.

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And even if you’re too tough to journal … check out “The Veteran Workbook” here:

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