Vet the Vote: Campaign kicks off at Super Bowl to recruit vets for 2024 elections

We’re talking with vets in Vegas at Super Bowl LVIII about their NFL partnership, and how they’re looking for fellow vets to tackle a mission vital to our democracy. Marine Corps veteran Ben Keiser and Air Force veteran Anil Nathan share how the organization We The Veterans recently launched the “Vet The Vote” campaign, with a goal of recruiting over 100K veterans to serve as election poll workers in upcoming elections.

They describe how the veteran community can play a crucial role in this year’s elections. And how their presence can help rebuild trust in a process that’s been marred by political division and conspiracy theories.

Both Keiser and Nathan share their personal experiences serving as poll workers, and describe what they saw firsthand as they answer the important question, “Are elections really safe?”

And of course we also talk football, and what the vibe is like in Vegas, during the biggest sports week of the year.

For more on Vet The Vote and how you can get involved check out:

Vet The Vote

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