Veteran Business Success: How Prepper Beef helps America “Sur-Thrive”!

Marine Corps and Army veteran Jason Nelson talks about his veteran-owned business Prepper Beef dot com, which supplies high-quality cooked and freeze-dried beef for long-term storage.

Before his survival food success story, Jason learned many lessons from his experience as a Psychological Operations Officer within US Army Special Operations. He shares how he worked to assist the locals, and guide military ops, which often did not fully consider what life was like on the ground. 

After the military, he ran for Congress and along the way discovered the challenges many Texas cattle ranchers were facing. Using his ability to understand economic factors that affect the beef market, he embarked on a business venture to capitalize on these factors and began creating freeze dried steaks and selling them online.

More than just a product desired by those who fear doomsday scenarios (or a zombie apocalypse) Jason explains how Prepper beef products can help millions of Americans “sur-thrive” during power outages and other catastrophes we witness in the US every year.

With the success of Prepper Beef dot com, Jason shares how this venture not only helps Americans stay prepared, but could also be part of a solution to addressing global hunger.

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