Fed Life — TSP struggles with mutual fund window

This week we start with a look at something the Thrift Savings Plan has been struggling with. Namely, mutual funds. In the belief that federal employees and retires might want a wider range of investment options, the TSP board instituted the so-called mutual fund window. Few people have actually used it. Now there’s a gambit in Congress to bar sales of funds with a strategy relying on ESG, environment, social and governance concerns. For one analysis, I spoke with certified financial planner Art Stein.


You’re heard of the term cancel culture, getting rid of people with unpopular opinions. It’s not all that new. The popular new movie Oppenheimer re-enacts the revocation of the scientist’s security clearance in the 1950s because of his opposition to the hydrogen bomb. What about today? Can unorthodox opinions mean loss of clearance. I got some answers from the managing partner of the law firm Tully Rinckey, Dan Meyer.