Fed Life — The ‘fourth leg’ of federal retirement

Federal News Network reporter Drew Friedman fills in again for Tom this week. Most federal employees see retirement as a three-legged stool, you have the FERS annuity, the Thrift Savings Plan and Social Security. But could a fourth leg make for an even sturdier retirement? Savings Bonds are yet another tool federal employees can use, to boost their personal savings. I spoke with retired federal manager and financial counselor Abe Grungold, who started with a little history.


Preventing harassment in the federal workplace starts at the very top, with agency leadership. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says that idea, along with a host of other promising practices, can help agencies strengthen their anti-harassment policies. The new recommendations from EEOC are an update to a 2016 study, and they now include changes from the pandemic. I got more from EEOC’s attorney advisor, Marqui Willoughby.