Fed Life — Telework up in the air for many federal employees

In this week’s episode, Federal News Network reporter Drew Friedman fills in for Tom Temin. If you’ve been teleworking for the past few years, you may be asking yourself, is that about to change? And if you are wondering that, you’re not alone. A recent memo from the White House is creating more questions than answers for federal employees. Federal News Network surveyed close to 5,000 feds on what they think, and one takeaway is clear: federal employees want telework to continue, where it makes sense. Tom and Drew dug into the survey’s results, and what OMB’s latest guidance actually says.
the Supreme Court right now is considering a case that could boost federal whistleblowers bringing forth wrongdoing by contractors under the False Claims Act. The case underscores the importance of intent, and its relevance in these types of cases. For details and why it’s a landmark case, Federal Drive Host Tom Temin spoke to noted D.C. whistleblower attorney Stephen Kohn.