Fed Life — Another round of updates for TSP’s My Account

It’s been one year since the Thrift Savings Plan underwent a major technology update. The changes offered TSP participants more virtual options, better cybersecurity and an entirely new My Account website. But the changes initially brought confusion and frustration for participants. They got mired in technical glitches, trouble navigating the new layout, and, hours-long hold times when trying to get help from TSP’s customer service center. Many of the early issues have subsided, but the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board is still tweaking the new My Account website based on participants’ feedback. Federal News Network’s Drew Friedman heard more about the latest round of changes, and what’s still to come for TSP, from the board’s Director of External Affairs Kim Weaver.

Plus, at the Veterans Affairs Department the word is out. Headquarters employees will have to spend at least half of the days in a pay period, five of ten days in the office. I got the details from Federal News Network’s Jory Heckman. Also, from our own Jared Serbu, I got details of a Defense Department proposal to greatly expand a special pay rate for cybersecurity and IT people.