TMF targets cybersecurity, zero trust and classified cloud with latest awards

The Social Security Administration is getting $23.3 million from the Technology Modernization Fund to implement multifactor authentication across its internal systems, part of a trio of recent TMF awards focused on cybersecurity and reliability. The TMF announced three new investments today for SSA, the Treasury Department and the U.S. Agency for Global Media. “With these new cybersecurity investments, TMF funding will increase the security of some of the nation’s most critical systems and sensitive data,” TMF Executive Director Raylene Yung said in a prepared statement. “The TMF is helping these agencies protect lives and livelihoods, safeguard intelligence and information integrity, and keep the programs the federal workforce relies on to serve the American public up and running.” The SSA award will accelerate the adoption of MFA to reduce the risk of employee credentials being stolen.
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