9/11 – The Impacts of this Awful Tragedy Then and Now

The impacts of 9/11 are permanent, pervasive and have had an enduring impact – especially on the first responders from across the nation. On this week’s FEDtalk, guests will discuss their first-hand accounts and the often not discussed line of duty deaths occurring so long after this tragic day. The shows guests will also discuss the mental health struggles and wellness initiatives over the last two decades, and the effects, transformations and resources borne of this lasting historical legacy.

Dr. Jean Kanokogi, Dr. Julie Tropeano, and Jon Adler join host Tony Vergnetti for the program.

Dr. Jean Kanokogi, Ph.D., is a 9/11 first responder, Senior Special Agent for the U.S. Government, Director of Mental Health and Peer Support Services for the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA), and mental health speaker, advisor and resiliency facilitator.

Dr. Julie Tropeano, DNP, APN-BC, PMHNP-BC, is a psychiatric nurse practitioner at Shore Healing Psychiatric Services, Clinical Director of the CISM team for the New Jersey Firefighters’ Mutual Benevolant Association, on-call clinician for mental health services at NJ PGA 105 State Corrections, and the New Jersey State Troopers Fraternal Association.

Jon Adler is the former Director of the Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance, and the current president of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Foundation. Adler previously served with the United States Attorney’s office in the Southern District of New York as the Chief Firearms Training Officer and was a 9/11 First Responder.

The show airs live on Friday, September 2, 2022, at 11:05 am EST on Federal News Network. You can stream the show online anytime via the Federal News Network app and listen to the FEDtalk podcast on all major podcasting platforms.
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