Navigating New Personnel Issues in the Pandemic Era

This week’s FEDtalk show features attorneys from the law firm of Shaw Bransford & Roth (SBR) to discuss personnel issues and trends emerging from the pandemic era.

The pandemic caused an immediate shift in both legal investigations and the federal workforce. As a result, many previously routine procedures and protocols had to adapt to a “new normal.” Attorneys from the firm discuss which pandemic-era reforms are here to stay and how investigations into personnel disputes will be changed by the new processes.

The group also discusses the changing nature of the federal workforce, and how the onset of new workplace flexibilities has changed the landscape of personnel disputes.

SBR Senior Attorney James Heelan hosts the program with SBR Partner Conor Dirks and Associate Attorney Michael Sgarlat.

The show aired live on Friday, June 3, 2022, at 11:05 am EST on Federal News Network. You can stream the show online anytime via the Federal News Network app and listen to the FEDtalk podcast on all major podcasting platforms.

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