Tackling the Life Insurance Gender Equity Gap

Women place an equal amount of value on their lives as men, but the gap in life insurance coverage persists even as income and domestic responsibilities evolve. By in large, women tend to carry less coverage than their male counterparts. An LIMRA consumer study conducted in 2021 found that only 47 percent of women have life insurance coverage, compared to 58 percent of men.
This week on FEDtalk, the panel discusses life insurance considerations, trends in access to coverage, and the future of benefits. Host Jason Briefel joins Alison Salka, Senior Vice President and Director of Research at LIMRA, and Shane Canfield, CEO of WAEPA. LIMRA connects the financial services industry worldwide through research, consulting, and professional development that provides people with access to data, thought leadership, and solutions. Formed by and for federal employees, WAEPA is a nonprofit association that offers affordable Group Term Life Insurance coverage.
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