Retired Rear Admiral discusses leadership

US Navy Rear Admiral Julius S. Caesar (Ret.) joins host Aileen Black on this week’s Leaders and Legends.

Admiral Caesar is a career Surface Warfare Officer who has had a distinguished career in the military and industry.

He is a Massachusetts Institute of Technology Seminar XXI Fellow in Foreign Politics, International Relations, and the National Interest. He has also served as a chief operating officer, sector vice president, senior vice president and general manager in public and privately held technology firms.

Caesar a trustee at the Naval War College Foundation and Strategic Advisor, Academy Securities, and was recently awarded the Distinguished Graduate Award from the US Naval Academy Alumni Association and Foundation. There are only 110 USNA Distinguished Graduates out of 69,000 living graduates.

During the interview Caesar talked about his leadership style, saying he strives everyday to give back and take care of the individuals around him.

“At the end of the day it is about faith, family and friends. This will give you the resiliency you need to be successful in life”.